Visiting The 1920s Berlin Project

Today I went to visit The 1920s Berlin Project in Second Life where I found myself in the middle of a recreation of 1920s Berlin virtually which I thought was rather interesting. First I arrived at the welcome area spot, surrounded by shops and loads of must have freebies in the centre of the square. It’s a really nice destination and really worth exploring the historical city if you have not visited before in Second Life. 🙂


Travel back in time to this big city during an amazing era. Wander down Unter den Linden, explore the dirty old back streets, see a movie at the cinema, visit the museum, enjoy cabaret, dance the Charleston in a small Tanzlokal or at the gay Eldorado club in this role-play sim with a 1920s dress code (freebies provided).

Central area of The 1920s Berlin Project. Check out the 1920s Berlin Project events calendar full of great events via Google Calendar.

Donation Thermometer showing 59% progress at the moment. Still some way of reaching the goal of L$110, 001.

I went over to the train station which was towards the west of the square to visit Berlin. Before I got on the train I changed my avatar into a Swank’s Drab Suit avatar. I then explored Berlin for many hours which I enjoyed a lot. 🙂

Enter the station and use the train to visit 1920s Berlin 

Map of The 1920s Berlin Project

More of my SL snapshots of The 1920s Berlin Project adventures can be found here.