One year on since the grid merger

It’s been one year since Linden Lab merged the Teen Grid and Main Grid together officially. Since then there hasn’t been any major news about teens on the grid and it seems things have gone silent. In August 2011 I published a blog post called Top 20 old teen grid historical places to visit which I think was a good useful guide to share with everyone.

Check out Teens in Second Life SL wiki page.

In 2011 the former Teen Grid mainland became empty in terms of land and region traffic. My guess is that teens lost interest and went somewhere else on the web. I don’t think anyone has noticed a huge difference on the grid since last year but have you noticed any difference since the merger ?.

As for 2012 I hope that teens active in Second Life today will join the popular educational/teen related organisations and abandoned parcels will be rebuilt on. 🙂