Cartoonimals closing down in Second Life

It’s been announced that the much loved Cartoonimals destination in Second Life will be closing down in about a month’s time. This is really sad news to report about another closure in Second Life and sims are shutting down at alarming rates it seems.

The last open day for Cartoonimals is 14th February 2012. If you have not visited Cartoonimals yet then I highly suggest that you should because the whole region is full of great looking animal products.  This is your last chance to visit Cartoonimals before the sim gets closed down!

The reason that Cartoonimals is closing down is due to real life projects that have been taking up Duggy’s time and attention. Duggy Bing is a Second Life creator and owner of this memorable sim called Cartoonimals. Duggy started in Second Life in 2007 and during the past few years he released many amazing products which was an big attraction for many residents in Second Life. Cartoonimals appeared on Treet.TV on 27th January 2009 which can be watched here at

The good news is Cartoonimals products will still be available on the SL Marketplace after the sim closure next month. Duggy released this notecard below about the situation.

Hello wonderful friends and customers!

I’m dropping you a note to let you know that I’ll be closing Cartoonimals in about a month. Real life projects have been taking increasing chunks of my attention and I simply haven’t had time to devote to creating new products and attending to marketing (never was too good at that). It was a terrific couple of years and a very rewarding experience. Not a single customer issue that could not be easily resolved….in SL that’s saying something! I want to especially thank those of you who helped with ideas, scripting, building and support.

I’ll continue to offer my stuff on Marketplace, as well as through affiliates. I will be inworld at least once a week to assist customers and replace missing items. As always satisfaction guaranteed.

So again, thanks so much. If I ever find a Third Life I hope you are all there!!!!


p.s. I’m selling my sim…full sim, 15,000 prim….please tell anyone who may be interested to IM me
p.p.s. Anyone who would like a Cartoonimals vendor set can pick them up at the TP point in my shop

Another significant loss to the SL community in 2012. 😦


6 thoughts on “Cartoonimals closing down in Second Life

  1. Hello, Daniel,

    thank you for your time and consideration.

    It is always a shame when We see such a talented and prolific creators as Duggy Bing closing their sims, regardless of the reason. Inspired creativity and realization of imagination is what makes Second Life what it is. To lose any source of that makes Our community less than it could be.


    Eliza Janus


    1. Thanks Eliza for your comment about the news of this closure in SL. I agree with you that each time closures we lose great talent on the grid. I talked with Duggy eariler on today and seemed to be really nice.

      It’s always sad to see places go.


  2. Hi Daniel,

    You’re welcome to upload a copy of your sim to Kitely. You can currently host your sim on Kitely for free (we haven’t started charging yet). We plan to offer a limited free plan once we do start charging, so you’ll be able to continue making your sim available for the enjoyment of others without having to pay maintenance. This will also enable you to show off your wares inworld which should translate to more sales for you in the marketplace.

    You created a really beautiful world, it would be a big loss to a lot of people to have it just shut down.


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