Cartoonimals closing down in Second Life

It’s been announced that the much loved Cartoonimals destination in Second Life will be closing down in about a month’s time. This is really sad news to report about another closure in Second Life and sims are shutting down at alarming rates it seems.

The last open day for Cartoonimals is 14th February 2012. If you have not visited Cartoonimals yet then I highly suggest that you should because the whole region is full of great looking animal products.  This is your last chance to visit Cartoonimals before the sim gets closed down!

The reason that Cartoonimals is closing down is due to real life projects that have been taking up Duggy’s time and attention. Duggy Bing is a Second Life creator and owner of this memorable sim called Cartoonimals. Duggy started in Second Life in 2007 and during the past few years he released many amazing products which was an big attraction for many residents in Second Life. Cartoonimals appeared on Treet.TV on 27th January 2009 which can be watched here at

The good news is Cartoonimals products will still be available on the SL Marketplace after the sim closure next month. Duggy released this notecard below about the situation.

Hello wonderful friends and customers!

I’m dropping you a note to let you know that I’ll be closing Cartoonimals in about a month. Real life projects have been taking increasing chunks of my attention and I simply haven’t had time to devote to creating new products and attending to marketing (never was too good at that). It was a terrific couple of years and a very rewarding experience. Not a single customer issue that could not be easily resolved….in SL that’s saying something! I want to especially thank those of you who helped with ideas, scripting, building and support.

I’ll continue to offer my stuff on Marketplace, as well as through affiliates. I will be inworld at least once a week to assist customers and replace missing items. As always satisfaction guaranteed.

So again, thanks so much. If I ever find a Third Life I hope you are all there!!!!


p.s. I’m selling my sim…full sim, 15,000 prim….please tell anyone who may be interested to IM me
p.p.s. Anyone who would like a Cartoonimals vendor set can pick them up at the TP point in my shop

Another significant loss to the SL community in 2012. 😦


Press Pass Media Group in Second Life turns 2 years old

The Press Pass Media Group in Second Life turns 2 years old this month. I have always liked reading the group posts posted by Press Pass on a daily basis about the latest news/events happening across the grid. The group currently has 313 members and that number is growing every month. IM Carmichael Caudron to join the group if you are interested in knowing more.

presspass turns 2 years old this month!
Wednesday,18 Jan 2012 10:06:23 GMT

woot since this group was founded in january 2010,makes it 2 years to the day today, and our network is still growing with valuable press members like yourself,ty so much for taking part of press pass network!


Check out the Press Pass News blog which covers daily updated SL notices by members of the Press Pass Media group. The blog gets about 2,180 monthly page views and my blog is listed in the blogroll section. Yay! 🙂

Press Pass Media Group general information.

Happy 2nd Birthday Press Pass! 😀