Logging into Avination

I signed up to Avination today which is a OpenSim grid which offers a unique virtual experience for everyone. I went ahead and downloaded the Avination viewer which was 54.9MB, running version 1.5.8 on Windows 7. Avination is completely free and has 592 regions at the moment.

I read today via Twitter that Avination has raised the prim limit to 45, 000 on a sim which is rather cool news. Another cool stat today I found out via Twitter is that according to Neatstat.com, Avination.com is worth $6,541 USD.

The Setup – Avination being installed.

The signup process was really good and fast to do. I liked at the end of the signup process I could choose the starting destination to start like (Tutorial Island, Welcome area or Roleplay area). When I completed the 7 step registration I had to verify my email.  I had to accept the terms and conditions to activate my account. Yay!

“You have successfully registered your character. We have sent an email with a verification link to your email address. Click on the link in the email to complete the verification process and start playing.”

A nice orange/white Avination icon on my desktop.

Opening up the Avination login screen.

  • 43, 787 registered users so far
  • 3, 226 unique logins in the last 30 days
  • 592 total regions so far

Tutorial Island arrival 

It took a few moments to log into Tutorial Island then I started to walk around for abit before visiting other interesting destinations in Search. It was rather strange using viewer 1 interface again after using viewer 3/TPVs for a long time. I noticed it was rather empty on Tutorial Island and on  Welcome island during the afternoon. However I did meet two friendly residents one who was a staff member of Avination and the other was a Mentor. The world seems stable and I didn’t get any lag at all. Yay!

Welcome Area arrival 

I enjoyed my first visit to Avination in Opensim and I will log in regular to explore more in the coming days/weeks/months. 🙂

View my Avination Snapshots here.