Visiting the new Abbotts Air & Space Port in Second Life

Today I went along to visit the new look Abbotts Air & Space Port in Second Life which looks absolutely amazing when you first arrive at the space port. I spent about 40 minutes exploring the revamp Abbotts space port which was good because I have not visited Abbotts since August 2011 due to sim building developments.

This space port is worth checking out if you like flying around Second Life and want to have fun. 🙂

Strap on your aviator glasses and head into the Wild Blue Yonder! Check out new and vintage aircraft, race model planes, learn how to skydive, or hop into the cockpit of your own sky shuttle and take your place among the clouds.

Check out my out snapshots of the new Abbotts Air & Space Port below. I’m happy that Abbotts was saved and revamped because it would be terrible to see something non-related here.

There are new aircraft vendors in the hangers, new product displays/space port logos and doctor who boxes around the sim.

Below snapshot shows Abbotts Aerodrome on 3rd August 2011.

Below snapshot shows Abbotts Aerodrome on 13th January 2012.

A nice overall snapshot of the region in January 2012.

The new look hanger showing a plane just about to take-off down the runway.