SL Android apps to try out in 2012

Check out these SL related apps I found on the Android Market today for everyone to try out if your using Android. I hope Linden Lab will release it’s own official Second Life app during 2012 on Android devices and on other platforms this year. It would be fantastic when the day finally arrives when we can enjoy a full SL experience on our handheld devices that being on mobiles or tablets. 🙂


  • Mobile Grid Client – FREE (L250/month & payment to use) – “Mobile Grid Client is a Second Life (SL) and Open Simulator (OpenSim) messaging client/viewer with local chat, IM, group chat, people search, mini map, the ability to teleport, inventory support and more.”
  • Second Life – FREE – “News about secondlife and vienna freebies of the virtual world of second life created by Lindenlab and his residents.”
  • DroidSLFREE – “DroidSL is a one-way communication service that allows Second Life avatars to send instant messages directly from their Android phones to other avatars in-world.”
  • LittleSightFREE – “SecondLife viewer. You can visit only in YAMATO of Japan. To visit other locations are required to purchase a paid service in app.”

Book apps

  • Virtual Worlds And Criminality – £67.28 – “In this book, European experts from different academic disciplines show how to meet the new challenges arising from virtual worlds. They discuss the reasons for and the impacts of these new forms of criminality as well as the necessity and means of combating them.”
  • The Second Life Grid: The Official Guide To Communication, Collaboration, And Community Engagement£22.99 – “Written with the full support of Linden Lab, this is the perfect resource for organizations entering “Second Life.” Topics discussed include the technical and social issues of participating in “Second Life,” including integrating corporate culture into “Second Life,” in-world marketing techniques, selecting a solution provider, and how to conduct real-world business in “Second Life.”
  • Coming Of Age In Second Life: An Anthropologist Explores The Virtually Human – £15.46 – “Coming of Age in Second Life is the first book of anthropology to examine this thriving alternate universe.”
  • Second Life For Dummies – £10.99 – “Second Life For Dummies is hear to hold your hand, pat your back, and cheer you on through this new and enchanting reality.”
  • Being Virtual: Who You Really Are Online – £10.99 – “In Being Virtual, Davey Winder looks at how an increasing number of us are living part-real, part-virtual lives, and how it affects who we are. He looks at the opportunities and dangers that a virtual identity offers us, how we juggle our real and online lives, and what happens when one spills over into the other.”
  • The Making Of Second Life: From The New World – £7.49 – “Au presents the inside story of the creation, development, and unexplored potential of the hottest place on the Internet–the virtual world known as Second Life.”

Hopefully there will be new apps relating to Second Life within the next few years to play about with and have fun on them. 🙂


11 thoughts on “SL Android apps to try out in 2012

  1. Oh, should also point out, Jibe3D isn’t an SL app per se. On the Android, it’s a means of accessing 3D virtual spaces built using the Jibe toolkit from ReactionGrid. The idea is that those who need a specific 3D environment can build it in Jibe3D, and make it accessible to others via computer, Xbox, Wii, iPad, Android, etc.

    I downloaded the toolkit a while ago, but haven’t got around to reviewing it as yet.



  2. Hi , i my self is using vivas , its s60 , can you tell me can i convert it into android ,

    i appreciate your blog by the way


      1. Still needs some more functions but works ok for a chat client. Just tpv approved. They just added the ability to interact with objects. Not pretty but does what is advertised.


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