Viewer 1.23.5 disappeared from the Second Life wiki

Today it seems Linden Lab removed Viewer 1.23.5 section from the Linden Lab Official:Alternate Viewers SL wiki page. This is rather out of the blue to start a new year and there is now active discussion going on about this new change on the SLUniverse Forums. It seems to me 2012 will be the year the lab gets more residents using mesh compatible viewers and away from older versions in which it shows incompatible content.

There are plenty of  SL viewers nowadays to choose from the Third Party Viewer Directory which is worth looking at if you have not done so already.

(The below image shows the recently removed content in yellow and red. The current content revision is shown on the right)

The SL community have been expecting this to happen for some time now and today seems to be the end for viewer 1 being listed anymore.

Snapshot of me inworld using Viewer 1.23.5 today.

Snapshot of me inworld using Viewer 3.2.5 today.

What do you think of this 1.23.5 edit on the SL wiki ? 


31 thoughts on “Viewer 1.23.5 disappeared from the Second Life wiki

  1. I will not miss that old viewer. SLs own V3 is a wonderful viewer that also uses less CPU power on my computer. Its customizable too and I love it! Even when i have bad connection i can log in with V3 when imprudence, Firestorm and even sometimes old Hippo refuses to start.


    • I liked viewer 1 in the past cause of all of the improvements that Linden Lab did to it before 2009. I agree viewer 3 is a wonderful viewer cause of the arrival of mesh, new features/tools and more customization.

      Search and the Destination Guide I like using alot in viewer 3.


      • Search…

        People still deride modern SL search, but I’m finding it quite useable in v3. Coupled with the Destination Guide, and even the events – its not ideal for shopping perhaps, but great for anything else.

        And I think it might only not be ideal for shopping because its not getting used effectively there. Not sure here, but merchant ‘SEO’ efforts go towards Marketplace more these days, as even inworld shoppers often use Marketplace as a sort of search engine.


    • The much long awaited expected news and I don’t know why Linden Lab took so long in editing the viewers SL wiki page.

      According to Tateru Nino this removal of viewer 1.23.5 is due to upcoming inventory protocol changes.


  2. It seems the changes will be on features that nobody or almost nobody uses, so it will not affect most of even the v1.23.5 users at all!
    And as the lab already requested for Tpv, even V1 to apply the patch, in the end V1 users will still be able to login as usual!
    Worse news for Os grid users, as Imprudence will not upgrade and Kokua is mainly focused on Os grid, so no more using it to come in and from Os grid!
    To badly cause i still think that the future of Sl should be the meeting point of all metaverses that exist, but money and its greed, will not allow that!
    Sometimes i really miss the work of the modders on so many games, like Bf1942, Morrowind, Mtw and so on, that created so much just for the pleasure of seeing others enjoying their work!
    Sl is more and more like a way of earning money, and less and less a way of dreaming!
    In a terrible way, looking much more like RL then any would excpect or wish!


    • Thanks foneco..I think the good news is that there are no plans to block viewer 1. But with the lab removing viewer 1 from the SL wiki that means its highly likely it will happen soon.

      “future of Sl should be the meeting point of all” – Yes there should be more meetings from well known brands from RL into SL and LL increasing user groups.

      “Sl is more and more like a way of earning money, and less and less a way of dreaming!” – SL is a good way of making money in real life/inworld than any other online world I have been in so far. SL is full of good dreams! 🙂

      @Pussycat: I liked viewer 1 search because it’s so much faster than viewer 3. Search still needs work done to it to make it faster like Google search perhaps. I love the Destination Guide but not so keen on Events layout in Search.

      Thanks! 🙂


  3. Se la vie.

    Life is about change.

    Shakyamuni put it best; we die and are born a thousand times every second. Resistance to change is resistance to enlightenment.

    This will kill it for my old 2003 iBook g4. Power PC Macs cannot run the newer stuff. But honestly that’s a dead machine anyway – I have no rational reason to expect support for it, and I don’t (despite still owing money for it on my credit card bill, even though the four machines we’ve bought since, including another Mac; were all both cheaper and paid off – a lesson on being smart about choices when you buy).

    I’m all for all of the v1 viewers fading out, if only so that there is more consistency in SL again – though I understand some are very reluctant to give up old ways and adjust to a round icon now being square.

    I was hesitant to change at first myself, but back in 2009 a rumor came out that they were going to disable v1 logins ‘real soon now’ so in response I forced myself to spend a very active week logged into v2 only – and at the end of it my expectations had flipped and I found v1 more ‘bulky’ than v2. That convinced me that its not at all about which has the better UI, but where on the table people like seeing their cheese.

    However under the hood, the technology inside of v3 -is- better than both v2 and v1. And since v3.2.4, significantly so; with the caveat that some new bugs have crept in causing a small set of people to be left off of seeing that improvement, for now.

    I know v1.2.3 will be missed, but not by me.


    • I don’t know if you have noticed but every LL CEO so far has introduced a new viewer and I will expect viewer 4 or something related to come out before 2014. I prefer using TPVs and Viewer 3 nowadays.

      When I logged into Viewer 1 the other day it was really strange after not using it for a long time. It kept saying I was Away all the time lol

      SL apps

      I have always wanted to see the lab bring out official apps for the iphone, android and tablets cause that would be awesome.


  4. I really have big hopes on V3, at least the 1 i tried, Niran’s and Exodus.
    The ui can really be so much more free of unwanted widows and buttons, the customization in exodus seems to the ideal, the way the menu tabs show on Niran’s same, so a mix of the 2 with addition of some of the firestorm features (mainly the pie menu style, and the bottom right bottom a la pheonix to acess windelight settings, draw distance and so on).
    I just wish that the problems some are having, like me, not bewing able to use hardware sttings to override the inbuild viewer AA and A, can also be sorted!


  5. lets not forget that viewer 1 used to allow computers with low graphic capaility to run sl. so if you don’t have conditions to buy a new computer with a good graphi card you are out of sl.


  6. 1.23 is easy to use, or I get used to it, with the new viewer I am like a newby and I really have no intention to learn how to use a viewer for the same game twice…


  7. The Viewer one Style Viewers Have Been Loved And Used By Alot And Viewer One Viewers With Mesh Are Just As Good As The V2 V3 Style Viewers I Have seen the same things in the phoenix mesh as i have firestorm or v3 as they call it now… keeping the pheonix viewer around or having a v1 style viewer that can see what v2 and v3 sees is crucial cause im sure that there are alot of people out there that love and can only run the v1 viewer sets so i say keep them around as long as possible with all efforts put it into


  8. hi… do you know where i can find a way to download the first viewer for sl ?? i deleted the new one off of my laptop and now i hate the new one ! 🙂 ty xxxx


  9. Hi all! The thing I fear the most is that, one day or another, I will be unable to logon to SL…

    I use the first viewer (now 1.23.5) since 2008. I have a prehistoric PC (Pentium 4, GeForce 4 Ti4600, at the top of the
    top… when SL appeared). Of course with low settings.

    I spend the most of my SL time in my places, very cosy, so the draw distance is reduced to 32m (possible with the Advanced Menu, I increase it when I travel), perfect for small places. Believe it or not, despite these poor things, my SL runs perfectly. And never crashes. I can’t imagine I could have more fun with a new computer + a modern viewer.

    With all the money I gave to LL for my lands, I could have bought a modern PC… now totally obsolete (especially for the future viewer 4). About the viewers, Snow Globe, the late Emerald, then of course Phoenix worked too. I came back to the official viewer one because my places play many movies, and I never had any failure with it. It seems many recent viewers don’t worry too much about playing movies in SL.

    Ah, also, the 1.23.5 is not too bad for most netbooks too. Low frame rates, but at least it works!


  10. I tried to download the latest version, have a compatible PC with all listed requirements and once it’s downloaded and I try to start the game, I get a split black/grey screen with no way to log in…


  11. Hi boop boop. I guess you downloaded the last version 3. Of course I can’t help you (just read my post above).

    But I have two friends on RL forums. They were in SL some years ago and then abandoned the ship. I convinced them to come back. They immediately downloaded the last official viewer and then… so disappointed… All their SL was made of lag and crashes. Despite their recent computer, supposed to have the SL requirements.

    A friend told them to try Phoenix. Now it’s ok, but I’m not sure they will stay in SL…


  12. After losing my viewer 1.23, I have tried them all and they all are awfull..Takes my PC way too long to rezz anything and my experience in combat has now suffered. Wish they would make another viewer for those of us that have slow internet ^^


  13. A bit late on this I know but today I had to get hold of a an old copy of SL to put on a friends PPC Mac. I can understand LL removing it from the old viewer archive, not just because of new features like mesh but because of the changes to the marketplace over the past year. With the phase out of the magic boxes and changes to the delivery system. With the old viewers people buying online from the marketplace wont receive their items so it makes sense. It’s a shame but we all have to move with the times even if your older PPC Mac’s/PC’s are more than capable of still running SL. So warning to those still needing to use the discontinued clients, buy inworld and not from the marketplace 😉

    BTW, Hi Daniel! Met you inworld a few years ago, I think I was hanging with SkyCat Ranger at the time, could have been someone else I was with but if memory serves me correct it was with her.


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