SL economy 2012 will be about the same as it was in 2011

Snickers Snook created a interesting SL poll at the beginning of 2012 asking the SL community what they think the state of the SL economy will be like in 2012. The poll closed a few days ago and 66 residents voted altogether apparently. 🙂

Final poll results

  • Better than 2011 – 20 votes (30%)
  • Worse than 2011 – 18 votes (27%)
  • About the same – 25 votes (37%)
  • Don’t know – 3 votes (4%)

It’s interesting that most of the votes went towards “about the same” and not really towards “better than 2011”. I hope that the SL economy 2012 will be better than 2011 and things will pick up again. In the next few weeks the lab will release it’s Q4 SL economy results for 2011 which tell us how well Second Life performed in the final months of 2011.


8 thoughts on “SL economy 2012 will be about the same as it was in 2011

  1. If LL continues to make ad’s about vampires and try to promote less laggy ideas for breedables, thats nice and all but it isn’t going to get me anymore business. Secondlife is aiming at getting an identity by being the hotspot for Twilight Fans and ex-FarmVille users. The Linden Realms idea is also another attempt at an identity. Eventhough this might bring some short term finiancial gains to LL, it’s risky for LL to make that their identity.

    The point of all this: SL needs something different to bring long term success. They need to cater to different communities in SL if they want more customers. A more diverse “portfolio” of customers would make LL’s service Secondlife a better investment.


    1. I dunno.

      I’m not a vampire fan, and while I have meeroos I tend to roll my eyes at breedables. Certainly meeroos now have proven to be not that different. Despite all best efforts by their makers the market for them collapsed (I still keep them because they’re cute -AND- lag-free unlike past breedables – read past comments on breedables by me and you’ll see that’s something I was very sensitive over, and not sold easily on).


      Vampires and breedables has been the way of SL for years.

      Back i the boom days of SL, it was still vampires. Vampires, pets, Live Music with cartoons, BDSM, Gorean, 80s rock ‘clubs’, pixel-pron, pixel-match-dot-com, and ‘Escorts’. That was SL.
      – That’s all SL is, for maybe 80-90% of its users.

      So for advertising… those are your viable choices. Of them… which should they be using on those banner adverts, if not the vampires and pets?

      Think about that…


  2. I really think none live on Europe nowadays!
    Cause if you do you will wish for sure that at least they will have as same as on 2011!!!
    2012 will be a terrible year for most of europeans and so for the rest of the world, even if they deny it at all costs, recession is here to stay and it will not go way!


      1. With SOPA looming, which will shut the lights off for the internet in the USA, and Europe seemingly intentionally sending itself into depression… hoping for ‘just as good as 2011’ is itself almost wishful thinking.

        We can’t expect the Brazilian, Japanese and Korean players to hold us up for 2012. It could happen, and I suspect the Japanese will embrace mesh and push some market weight there (they’ve long been big in other hobbyist 3D areas) – there’s not -that- many of them. And the Koreans have been fading ever since LLs shut off the community-portal-site program, thus killing the utility of local-language entry pages for SL in languages they themselves were not doing.


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