SL economy 2012 will be about the same as it was in 2011

Snickers Snook created a interesting SL poll at the beginning of 2012 asking the SL community what they think the state of the SL economy will be like in 2012. The poll closed a few days ago and 66 residents voted altogether apparently. 🙂

Final poll results

  • Better than 2011 – 20 votes (30%)
  • Worse than 2011 – 18 votes (27%)
  • About the same – 25 votes (37%)
  • Don’t know – 3 votes (4%)

It’s interesting that most of the votes went towards “about the same” and not really towards “better than 2011”. I hope that the SL economy 2012 will be better than 2011 and things will pick up again. In the next few weeks the lab will release it’s Q4 SL economy results for 2011 which tell us how well Second Life performed in the final months of 2011.



Viewer 1.23.5 disappeared from the Second Life wiki

Today it seems Linden Lab removed Viewer 1.23.5 section from the Linden Lab Official:Alternate Viewers SL wiki page. This is rather out of the blue to start a new year and there is now active discussion going on about this new change on the SLUniverse Forums. It seems to me 2012 will be the year the lab gets more residents using mesh compatible viewers and away from older versions in which it shows incompatible content.

There are plenty of  SL viewers nowadays to choose from the Third Party Viewer Directory which is worth looking at if you have not done so already.

(The below image shows the recently removed content in yellow and red. The current content revision is shown on the right)

The SL community have been expecting this to happen for some time now and today seems to be the end for viewer 1 being listed anymore.

Snapshot of me inworld using Viewer 1.23.5 today.

Snapshot of me inworld using Viewer 3.2.5 today.

What do you think of this 1.23.5 edit on the SL wiki ?