Glastonbury Festival 2012 in Second Life

I was amazed to see Glastonbury Festival 2012 featured on the Second Life Destination Guide under Featured Events today. Attend the all-day rock concert starting at 11am SLT today until 10pm SLT. I have never been to the real life Glastonbury Festival before but I do watch BBC tv coverage of it every year when my favourite music bands are on.


Attend an all-day rock concert featuring live musicians in Second Life! Glastonbury 2012, held January 7th from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. (Pacific), features an all-star line-up of established real world and SL musicians. For the full schedule, visit

SL Glastonbury Festival 2012 sponsered by the BOOM!

Da BOOM!!!  ..owned and operated by Andi Karsin & Kiran Sporg..supported by each one of you that hang and listen…HAVE FUN!!!   thats all we ask for here on Amardon

The Glastonbury pyramid stage 

I think going to a virtual festival will be awesome and I will look forward to visiting the Glastonbury Festival 2012 inworld later on today. If there are any SL musicians out there this event will rock you away into the night. There should be more virtual music festivals in Second Life! 🙂

The Glastonbury Festival 2012 SL lineup 

More snapshots of the Glastonbury Festival 2012 area in Second Life.

5 thoughts on “Glastonbury Festival 2012 in Second Life

  1. I hosted a ‘glastonbury festival’ in sl – 2008 in aid of relay for life, complete with wellies and tents , Im from somerset in rl and a fellow somerset sler recreated the pyramid stage for the event. He also did an amazing firework display on the last day. As it wasnt held at Glastonbury we didnt feel we could call it Glastonbury festival though lol . There are so many wonderful djs , singers and creative people in sl , it was wonderful to showcase just a few.

    dj alpha went out with a bang!


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