InWorldz 2012 events ahead

Last year I was really impressed by all the amazing InWorldz events that took place in 2011 and I think all of the founders/organisers did a great job all year round. I’m really excited about what 2012 has in the pipeline for InWorldz and it’s going to rock. 😀

This snapshot was taken this afternoon, wearing my tiny cute bear avatar while hanging out at the InWorldz Desert Island welcome area.

Upcoming InWorldz Events 2012!

50, 000 total users big party

At the moment InWorldz grid status says there are 49, 488 total registered users so far. The next big milestone is 50, 000 which would incredible and wonderful I think. Exciting stuff – read more here: I think the 50k milestone will be reached within the next 10 days or so.

1st Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival 2012

I’m happy to hear that there will be a brand new art festival this year happening InWorldz in 2012.  I’m excited about attending this new art festival event.

Press Release 2012 – NEW

InWorldz Conference 2012

The first ever InWorldz Conference will take place on 29th March until 2nd April 2012 in Las Vegas. This conference will be very similar to the yearly SLCC Second Life conference. More details will be released before March 2012 im sure. I can’t wait for the InWorldz 2012 conference to happen because it sounds really exciting.

3rd InWorldz birthday

InWorldz will be celebrating it’s 3rd birthday in late March 2012 and I’m looking forward to the birthday celebrations. In February or early March we will know more about the 3rd InWorldz birthday event. Yay!

Other 2012 InWorldz Events?

Know of any others, please comment about them. 🙂