Amazing Mesh Deformer Alpha Release video

Watch this really impressive video showing a first alpha release (1.03) by Qarl Fizz (Qarl Linden) using the mesh deformer in Second Life. Try out Nirans Viewer 1.03 using the mesh deformer in alpha which includes new enhancements and tweaks. I think this is a good way towards more mesh adoption across the grid during 2012. What do you think about this cool Mesh project ?

View the Code


5 thoughts on “Amazing Mesh Deformer Alpha Release video

  1. This is what we have been waiting for! Clothes, especially jackets and pants that fit right. It should also alleviate, if not eliminate the pita of fitting hair!
    Now for the mesh creators to build to the default avatar (Ruth).


  2. It looks amazing but I have no idea how to make any use of the code in the ‘patch’ file…

    The real question still remains; will LLs ever incorporate this, even once its perfected?


  3. Very cool someone solved this shape problem yay! The hair textures concern me though. Looks like the partly transparent textured prims are more flexi and textures not properly loading? As a hair creator that part concerns me to be honest.


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