FJ Linden no longer with Linden Lab

According to Hamlet Au’s latest blog post it seems that Frank Ambrose (FJ Linden) left Linden Lab last week at some point. Hamlet received confirmation from Frank about his departure via his LinkedIn page. Frank was the Senior VP of Global Technology back in August 2008 when Mark Kingdon was still CEO of Linden Lab. Frank was charge of stability and user support along with other important job roles during his SL career.

Press Release from August 2008…

San Francisco, CA, August 8, 2008 – Linden Lab®, creator of the virtual world Second Life®, today announced the appointment of Frank Ambrose as Senior VP of Global Technology. Ambrose has 20 years of experience in technology infrastructure development, data architecture and operations, including his most recent role as AOL’s Senior Vice President of Technology for Infrastructure and Network Services. Reporting to Linden Lab’s CEO, Mark Kingdon, Ambrose will oversee the development of new processes, systems and tools to maximize the scalability of Second Life’s network architecture.

“With his extensive and diverse experience managing large network operations, Frank is the ideal hire to ensure that we provide the utmost in stability and user support as Second Life continues to grow,” Kingdon said. “Frank has the necessary passion, vision and ingenuity that will help us take the Second Life Grid to new levels of excellence as we scale the platform to accommodate hundreds of thousands or even millions of concurrent users.”

“Linden Lab’s history of innovation, its industry leadership and its passion for virtual worlds make it a uniquely exciting place to work,” Ambrose said. “The teams that maintain the Second Life Grid have a tremendous drive for success, and I’m looking forward to leading such a talented, dedicated group.”

FJ Linden this year published a blog great post about Technology Improvements for Q1 in Second Life at the start of the year. The blog post received a lot of good feedback and there was community excitement about it all. The new improvements included group limits being raised from 25 to 42, viewer 2.5 beta updates, the new group chat system, performance updates and more.

My favourite FJ Linden quotes…

  • we now feel comfortable enough to extend group limits up to 40
  • there are about two million teleports in Second Life every day SL

I wish Frank all the best for the future.

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