Views and predictions for Second Life 2012

Roundup of views of 2011 and predictions for the year of 2012 in Second Life. Worth reading because they are all great blog posts for the year ahead and I will add more to the list in the next few days. Wishing everyone a very happy 2012! ūüôā

Do you have any SL predictions for 2012 ?


CNN island farewell gathering

On Wednesday afternoon I heard the news that CNN island in Second Life will be closed down by the end of month/year. CNN entered Second Life back in November 2007, where the first in-world training session took place on 13th November at the I-Report Hub. Since then there have been a number of great i-report stories about Second Life over the years and weekly inworld meetings. Will you miss CNN island in Second Life ? 

More snapshots of the CNN farewell party can be found on my Flickr stream.

On Thursday afternoon I went to the CNN inworld farewell party where many of my friends and CNN I-Reporters gathered to discuss various topics for a while which was really good. I arrived about 15 minutes before 2pm SLT and then more folks started started to arrive.

Around 2:50pm SLT there was live music from the DJ (Grace McDunnough) for the farewell party at the dance floor area. More than 20 avatars attended the CNN farewell party which was great fun. There was a special fireworks display at the end around 3:30pm SLT to dance the night away.

CNN I-Reporters

The CNN inworld groups may still be intact when the CNN island shuts down but there’s no¬†guarantee on that, says¬†Nicole Ireport.¬†Nicole mentions more information…

  • [14:36]¬†Nicole Ireport:¬†e-mail me at if you have questions
  • [14:36] Nicole Ireport: just want to let you know that we do care about y’all and we hope you will stay on board with us
  • [14:37] Janey Bracken: We’d like to thank Henry and Nicole for teaching us so much and taking an interest in SL
  • [15:57] Nicole Ireport: iReport works well in the case of Second Life

Farewell & Goodbye CNN SL!

1st Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest starting in 2012

For the first time ever on the grid of InWorldz there will be a Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival starting in early 2012. Jeri Rahja released details about the 1st annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Festival last Friday on the InWorldz Forums. Details of available plots, applications, judging are shown below..

Announcing the 1St Annual Elf Clan Fantasy Art Fest – bought to you by IWZ Dreamz & Visionz Art Fests – the details are as follows there are 31 available plots for the artists and 4 underwater plots each plot is 30 x 30 with 900 prims available – to enter you must fill out an application – first come first serve – all applications must be returned to Jeri Rahja on or before January 15, 2012. Applications can be gotten from any of the posters found through out IWZ or requesting on from Jeri Rahja.

The start of the creation of the art works will begin at the assignment of the plots on or after January 16th and completion on February 3rd. 

Judging will be by a juried panel of judges. A tip jar will be placed at the sims – and the tips from the tip jars will be split among the artists.

It will be a great Art Fest Рthe First for the Elf Clan Рlooking forward to seeing wonderful pieces of beautiful art works. 

I think this sounds really exciting and I can’t wait to view the art work in 2012. I’m looking forward to amazing InWorldz events that will be taking place during 2012.

CNN island will be closing in Second Life before 2011 ends

I have just heard that CNN island will be closing in Second Life before the end of the month (2011 ends). Apparently there will be a special farewell party at 2pm SLT at CNN island today (29th December 2011) in Second Life.

Janey Bracken posted a post called Farewell To CNN in Second Life about 19 hours ago which is really sad news to end 2011 on. Nicole ireport and Henry ireport the CNN producers (sl avatar names) will be going ahead with the closure of the island officially in a matter of days/weeks.

There is a free to join group called SL iReporters which was used for resident reporters who want to contribute to CNN SL iReport. There was special events and occasional announcements about CNN iReport in Second Life. Reqular meetings were hosted on the island by CNN staff where good discussions could take place about many topics virtually/real life. CNN inworld presence will be greatly missed by the SL community when it goes officially. The CNN SL submissions were amazing over the years and I enjoyed reading them.

Snapshots from CNN island today!

CNN report on the closure 

It was with a little sadness that I heard the news from CNN producers Nicole ireport and Henry ireport (their avatar names! but CNN producers in real life none the less), that CNN Island will be closing in Second Life. It has come as no big surprise to be honest, as the hectic politics of today’s real world leaves CNN people with little time to cover everything, let alone a fun thing like Second Life.

It‚Äôs been great, I owe both Nicole and Henry a lot, as I started to write seriously by using the CNN ireport pages back in 2008 when they started the SL project. Today at a meeting at CNN Island Nicole said ‚ÄúWe set up shop here in 2008 because we wanted to see what it was like to participate in a real-time community, in a virtual world no less. We didn’t know what to expect. The prospect was a little scary, to be completely honest.‚ÄĚ

‚ÄúWe’ve realized that there’s a whole culture in-world, and we met so many people and acquired amazing threads and dance moves. Our comfort level grew, and we really feel like we’ve come to know you. It’s been a few years now and we’re thoroughly appreciative of this community we’ve had a privilege to be a part of. We are all proud of what we accomplished here and excited about the future. Just wanted you to know that.‚ÄĚ

She added ‚ÄúWe wanted to let you know that we’ll never forget our meetings, amazing hair and of course the incredible figures on our avatars. (lol!) We wish we looked like this in real life. It’s truly been one of my favourite projects at CNN, and I think others will agree.‚ÄĚ It‚Äôs been fun for us too Nicole and I think I can speak for a lot of other ireporters too!

Nicole and Henry told us that there will still be Second Life Assignments, so nothing has really changed except their visits in-world. There are still some of the finer points to work out, but CNN will let us know very soon what else is happening. There will be a farewell party on CNN Island on Thursday at 2pm SLT and it would be nice if as many of the SL ireporter group could come along and show Nicole and Henry our appreciation for all the time they shared with us in SL.

Farewell CNN in Second Life!

My SL top posts, search terms and other stats 2011

Most viewed blog posts during 2011

  1. Home page Р18,280 views
  2. Third party viewers that support mesh now¬†–¬†1, 050 views
  3. 60 SL blogs you should read¬†–¬†950 views
  4. Top 10 airports in Second Life 2011¬†–¬†852 views
  5. Third party viewers that support mesh, update 2¬†–¬†814 views
  6. OWN Network showing Second Life documentary – Life 2.0 premier¬†–¬†679 views
  7. SL Last Names are coming back hopefully in early 2012¬†–¬†671 views
  8. Linden Lab releases new Viewer 3 user interface¬†–¬†620 views
  9. Third party viewers that support mesh, update 3¬†–¬†599 views
  10. Is Viewer 3 around the corner for Second Life?¬†–¬†575 views
Most searched terms on my blog during 2011
  1. daniel voyager –¬†697 times
  2. inworldz –¬†107 times
  3. mesh sims second life –¬†63 times
  4. second life –¬†62 times
  5. hogwarts your story –¬†61 times
Most clicked links during 2011
  1. Р229 clicks
  2.¬†–¬†227 clicks
  3.¬†–¬†218 clicks
  4.¬†–¬†186 clicks
  5.¬†–¬†161 clicks
Most commented blog posts during 2011
Other stats during 2011
  • Total Views:¬†50,270
  • Busiest Day:¬†778 – 25th August 2011
  • Posts:¬†1, 159
  • Average daily¬†blog hits: 225
  • Comments:¬†1, 743
  • Blog followers: 63
  • Followers:¬†1, 442
How did I do in 2011 ?
What do you want to see happen on my blog during 2012 ?

My SL christmas presents 2011

Check out my 2011 christmas presents that I received from my SL friends to open this year. Today I have found time to finally unpack and open my SL christmas presents after spending time with family & friends in real life.

Thank you all for these really nice christmas gifts and texture cards. ūüôā

Also I received many nice christmas card textures from SL friends. Thank you!!

Happy Holidays!

SL 2011 year recap on what happened

It’s near 2012 now and its time to look back on what happened during 2011 in Second Life . Check out the month-by-month recap below of news and events that rocked 2011…

January 2011

February 2011

March 2011

April 2011

May 2011

June 2011

July 2011

August 2011

September 2011

October 2011

November 2011

December 2011

SL Predictions 2011 Check List

Here are my predictions I made last year for 2011. Time to see if any came true or not..
  • A new Linden Lab CEO – Success – Rod Humble started in mid January 2011 as the new Linden Lab CEO.
  • Mesh will be officially launched – Success –¬†Mesh was still being developed during the first half of 2011 until 23rd August when Mesh went live across the grid. Mesh is now in many well known viewers!
  • Groups will be¬†raised from 25¬†to 40 – Success- Linden Lab enabled 42 for the groups limits in early 2011.
  • Teens introduced to the Main Grid¬†-Success- Linden Lab merged the grids together on 21st January 2011.¬†
  • Major TPVs will switch over to using Viewer 2 based code¬†– Success –
  • Educational organizations leave SL cause of land increased prices – Success –¬†There were alot of¬†Educational organizations¬†that left Second Life due to funding/land prices etc during 2011.¬†
  • More residents moving to OpenSim grids etc¬†– Success – In 2011 there have been more regions created than there was last year and I believe there has been more interest about OpenSim grids this year. OSGrid reached the 10, 000 regions milestone this month which is incredible.¬†
  • More press news and projects from Linden Lab¬†– Success – There have been various press updates this year through the inworld LL press group. Linden Lab launched¬†Linden Realms,¬†Viewer 3, Mesh, 42 groups, Greeter project, new web SL online profiles, new search and more this year.¬†
  • SL concurrency to reach 100, 000 users online –¬†Fail –SL concurrency numbers failed to reach 88, 000 or more this year.
  • LL ends Viewer 1.23 support ¬†–¬†Fail – Still no¬†confirmation¬†about this year about¬†Viewer 1.23 support ending. It’s no longer under development (2009) but it’s still¬†available to download via the SL wiki.¬†
  • The SL Economy will hopefully grow stronger ¬†–¬†Fail –¬†Remained steady and flat in 2011 but not much growth as many expected it would be.

Second Life predictions for 2012

Happy christmas eve SL friends


I hope you all have a wonderful christmas day tomorrow.¬†‚ėļ‚ėļ‚ėļ‚ėļ‚ėļ‚ėļ


Wishing all the best for 2012! ūüėÄ