SL user concurrency stays below 70, 000 during 2011

Looking at the Grid Survey SL user concurrency graphs at various times during 2011 it seems like the SL user concurrency has remained mostly below the 70, 000 mark. The median and mean average in 2011 seems to be around 47, 000 to 51, 000. 2011 has not been the strongest year for SL user concurrency but it’s going to be interesting to see if 2012 SL user concurrency gets any better or no.

Lets look at the numbers and graphs from the Grid Survey from 2009 to 2011.

2011 started high around the 73, 000 mark then it dropped monthly until mid August 2011 where the user concurrency started to pick up again steadily. The maximum daily concurrency this month seems to be around 62, 000 to 67, 000.

I think the numbers have dropped this year more than any other year due to bots, camping and other factors.  It’s hard to tell what will happen during December but hopefully more residents will be using SL during the christmas period into the new year 2012.

The minimum daily user concurrency in 2011 shows averaging around the 32, 000 mark compared with higher figures in first part of 2010 due to bots etc.

Check out this interesting Trends & Seasonality graph!

  • What are your views on SL user concurrency during 2011 ?
  • Any user concurrency predictions for 2012 ? 

8 thoughts on “SL user concurrency stays below 70, 000 during 2011

  1. If we factor out bots, it might even be possible to say that concurrency is going up, not down. Bots are largely gone, but the drop in concurrency is fairly small – a few thousands.

    But we have no data for just how many bots were around, so hard to say.


  2. like others, i’ve had a sense that SL activitiy has dwindled recently. It comes at a time when I’m personally more hopeful of SL success, but I have to wonder if LL can pull a rabbit out of the hat in 2012.


  3. @Pussycat: I’m not that optimistic; whenever I go shopping in world, the bots are still there. In big numbers.

    I am not really optimistic for the future. All the stuff the lab in the last 2-3 years pulled out went into the direction “nice and shiny”, but not really adressing the day-to-day problems of the residents. Especially in the last few months, region performance went down the drain. Topics that lots and lots of residents show interest in (like the JIRA about bringing back the “real” last names) are met with total ignorance. The monthly land fees are still so hight that you think you are buying a server, not renting a single core and sharing the backbone with a few others. But instead of adressing this issue, the lab decides to do a 3-day-promotion, giving new regions without setup fee (or rather with a lowered setup fee).

    So, new residents are met with a laggy world and therefor many of them don’t stay for long. Old residents suffer from the same, and on top of that nothing was done to restore their trust in LL – the trust that was destroyed with actions like the bait&switch in the whole Homestead backstabbing disaster. Residents in general spend less time in world – the number of user hours are going down each and every quarter for 2 years now (as is the total land mass). And that with new signups actually going up big time!

    LL needs to concentrate on the core problems, and not on the nice&shiny stuff they push in our faces.The lab is working like a doctor who gives someone with the pig flu a pack of paper tissues. Fighting symptoms, but not touching the core sickness.

    Call me ungrateful, but I’m not really optimistic, and I’m very critical of LL. If my husband and I ran our RL company like LL runs Second Life, we would be bancrupt for years already. LL is still in the lucky position to not have real competition yet (and that many long time SL residents do not really want to move their whole “second existance” into a new world and fearing the split up of friends and communities). But this in no way a position for the lab to sit back and relax and think that it will stay like that for more years to come.


  4. With the crisis in Europe and recession everywhere, it should be obvious that lowering tiers would be the way to go.
    But the Lab knows better, as a unique tool and a really addictive one, they know some will always pay whatever!
    So they will not move, and my hope is less and less on competition, but that at least user freedom can be maintained, as it is the foundation of Sl and if that ends then Sl will end for sure.


  5. The only things I enjoyed about reading this post were, first, your as-always most excellent writing and reporting, and second, the snow that was falling on the page as I read it, LOL. It’s so depressing to have to keep reminding people that you can’t use number of avatars going up as any indication that more ppl are using SL. But the good news might be, right, that more ppl are figuring out HOW to use SL. As someone who researches identity and avatar, this may be good news for me. But seems to me that SL should be marketed more as a tool for identity exploration — be all that you can be. Joe David Bellamy once told me that the secret to writing was not only to write everything you know, but also everything that you can imagine. Dear God, what a tool could be virtual worlds.

    How much of the concurrency starting in August do you attribute to teachers teaching iSL? If that were the case, we would expect to see numbers jump around exam times and drop during class semester breaks, which does indeed seem to be the trend.

    So: educators don’t make a difference in SL?

    Good post. Thanks for the presentation of the data.


  6. I too have little hope for LL. They cheated all the people who were told they would “own” the virtual land, by snapping their fingers and pulling a bait and switch so that now they “lease” it. They have repeatedly made snap decisions and made the damage as bad as possible while accomplishing as little toward their stated goal as possible. They’ve lied, cheated, and failed to fix serious bugs that would shutter any other service provider. So while I’m confident Rod wants to right the ship, I don’t know if he has the ability to force the rest of customer-hostile LL and its board into treating customers like actual customers instead of indentured serfs. 8 years ongoing and the same tech problems remaining? That’s not just sad, it’s a symptom of a company that wants to ride its gravy train without investing in repair of the tracks. And people are tiring of the bumpy ride and getting off while the newcomers are wincing at what they get for 300$ and not even boarding in the first place.

    A game zone — we asked for that 4 years back. A g rated continent so the teen grid merger (which wasn’t going to happen, right up to the time it did) would be painless — repeatedly asked for. Simcrossing. 50 avatar limits. Ownership as we paid for. LL has a serious trust problem with its old crowd who are still the only ones paying. And while the newcomers may or may not have the distrust issue, they do have the “I’m not paying so much to play!” issue with regards to land. So both the old and the new are bailing on SL; a slow painful bleeding death. And LL has no-one to blame for this state of affairs but itself.


  7. Thanks for the comments!

    @Pussycat: Hard to tell for the bot stats. The concurrency seems to be higher in the first month of the year then drops during the year with random peaks. 2012 should be interesting.

    @Yordie: I think Second Life rocks any other virtual world at the moment but its a shame in some ways SL activity has dropped abit recently. I’m hopeful for the SL’s future!

    @Daniel: I think things can only get better and i’m sure thats going to happen in 2012/2013. I agree the lab needs to focus on it’s main core problems etc. It’s sad to hear that residents spend less time inworld which is really alarming when previous years have been higher abit. I hope the Q4 2011 and Q1 2012 stats show some growth in user hours and total land mass. New signup data I wish LL would publish officially.

    @Mera: I agree with you on the lab on more news press. I love SL news!

    @foneco: I hope the lab lowers costs in 2012 because that would make a big difference and may kick-start the SL economy.

    @Chatelaine: Thank you for your kind response to my blog post. I enabled snow on my blog today and it’s AWESOME. New residents are not staying in Second Life for along time for some reason and thats a big problem.

    @shockwave: Things need to change in 2012 for sure. interesting points you mention.


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