Linden Helpers update FAQ

During November 2011 Linden Lab have been testing out a new Linden Helpers beta program to assist new residents get started with the basics of Second Life. The lab have created and updated the official Linden Helpers FAQ page this week which is worth reading. My first visit to Greeter Island was on the 11th of November 2011 and since then many new residents have been helped.

Important key questions about Linden Helpers

  • Who are Linden Helpers? Linden Helpers are available for live inworld chat to help new Residents between 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. (PST)  Monday through Sunday.
  • Are Linden Helpers replacing or ending Resident Help Network (RHN)? Not at all
  • Can I volunteer to become a Linden Helper? Not at this time.  The Linden Helper program is currently in beta and is not accepting applications.

I have noticed there are new orientation boards around the center hub where new residents teleport in and there’s new orientation content in the surrounding greeter huts now.

Inside one of the Greeter huts


I hope in the future Linden Lab will allow applications from the SL community like the past SL mentor program.

Snapshot showing both Greeter Islands at 3:37pm SLT on 29th November 2011


5 thoughts on “Linden Helpers update FAQ

  1. i hope ll never go back to a volunteer helpy system. was no accountability under the old mentor way. ppl did what ever they liked. turned up whenever they felt like it, or not. lots of them just came to the help islands with their titles on their head and swan round sl and chat their mates. when new person ask for help then umm !!! soz have to go rl. have fun sl tho. and worse. ya sure i help u, we go my place sweetie and i help u good babeh

    derr !!!

    if is going to be greeters or mentors again then best if they be paid staff. ppl can be employed same like moles are now. best to get paid. like properly as employee even if is not much pay. then u have to be accountable just like in any real job and work hard and conduct urself properly. if u lazy or useless or bad mannered then u get the sack. is better for the other greeters and mentors that way. not have useless ppl dragging them down like what happened sometimes in the old way

    was some really good mentors in the olden days tho. like patient and understanding and positive. ll can hire them ones back as official greeter employees so they can do a proper job to help new ppl. them ppl can know that everyone else with same badge on doing a proper job as well. that be way way better i think than the old volunteer way


  2. ps (:

    i hope ll not trying to reinvent the wheel with this. was a comment rodvik made on other blog that make me wonder. was another exlinden follow his comment saying umm! we done that already

    was maybe a off the cuff comment from the boss but ya it showed a lack of institutional memory. anyways he doing other cool stuff so cant xpect to know everything i spose

    i hope carl metropolitan or rails bailey or maybe even robin linden involved in this greeter thingy or ppl like them. i hope so anyways. them ppl know more bout sl newbies and helpers than anyone. what motivates them both, newbies and helpers. so be silly to not use that kinda knowledge and make a proper professional helpy way


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