Port Seraphine closing down in Second Life on 1st January 2012

Nephilaine Protagonist has announced that Port Seraphine will be closing down as of 1st January 2012. This is really sad news for the SL community and yet another piece of SL history will be gone. PixelDolls has been popular hit with the SL community over the years and many will be sad to see it go.

Port Seraphine will be shutting down as of Jan 1. This includes the PixelDolls main store, as well as the gallactic, romance, and chroma shops. All items have been set to L50 and will remain so until Jan 1st.
I’ve got a few things planned to commemorate this farewell, including a photo contest and a final LE item- the last PixelDolls will ever produce!- as well as a special something for all of you in the update group. Stay tuned, more info on that coming on Dec 1.


Nephilaine plans on doing smaller and more SL focused projects during the next year. I wish Nephilaine the best of luck on the next chapter.