Happy 8th Birthday SLUniverse

Cristiano announced yesterday that SLUniverse is now 8 years old on 12th November 2011 which is awesome. SLU is one of my favourite sites to find out what’s currently happening in the Second Life community and I log in almost every day. Thank you Cristiano for the amazing work that you do!

This site was launched on November 12, 2003. It has grown and changed tremendously since then, but it has always been about the community of people here. Thank you so much to everyone who has been a part of the site over these 8 years, through the many changes, the craziness, the good and bad. I can’t believe I have dedicated 8 years of my life to this site, but in the end it has been worth it. SLU is the busiest it has ever been, and continues to grow. I look forward to what the future holds.

Cristiano announces some interesting SLUniverse stats in the 8th birthday post. Yay!!!!

Thank you for everything you have all contributed to the site, including 1.4 million posts in 4 years, and nearly 500,000 images and over 120 million images viewed on Snapzilla in 6 years. SLU is here because of you.

SLUniverse Forums Statistics

  • Threads: 62, 444
  • Posts: 1, 412, 981
  • Members: 21, 637

Happy Birthday SLU


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