Visiting InWorldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival 2011

The first InWorldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival opened yesterday at 1pm SLT at the InWorldz Events regions A, B, C & D. The festival continues until Tuesday 22nd November 2011 so don’t forget to visit all the artist builds and live events before then. The InWorldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival is sponsored by Elenia Lewellyn and organized by Jeri Rahja and Quadrapop Tree. Visit today and spread the word about this historical InWorldz event. 🙂

Live performers

Festival Team

  • Building > Alizarin Goldflake
  • Graphics > Miso Susanowa
  • PR/Media > Nazz Lane / Briawinde Magic
  • Scripting > Zauber Paracelsus
  • Events/stage manager > Defying Destiny and TIGGS Beaumont
  • Performer’s Schedule >Sunbeam Magic

I teleported first to InWorldz Events A and arrived at the round landing pavilion to start exploring the wonderful art builds. Each landing spot has a board of teleports to visit including the prim count for each region. Each artist build is very unique and amazing which I love a lot. I think the event regions texturing and layout is unbelievably beautiful. The land of creativity is very inspiring and fascinating.

Celebrate and support the ‘Arts’ by attending this wonderful exhibition by the residents of InWorldz. Artists and teams of artists have put together some unique and fantastic Art projects for your viewing pleasure from November 12th through November 22nd. Judges will pick two winners from each region (so 8 winners in all) and entertainment is scheduled from November 15th thru the 22nd when there will be an Awards Closing Party.

InWorldz Events A

InWorldz Events B

InWorldz Events C

InWorldz Events D