New Linden Helpers Beta Program

I was looking on the Second Life Destination Guide today and came across Greeter Island on the front page. I was interested to see if this was at first a resident sim or Linden sim. I logged in and teleported into Greeter Island at the corner of the sim because of access rights.

Greeter Island map view showing a central welcome hub surrounded by stations. It doesn’t appear to be open everywhere but to get a sneak peek use the camera to look around. On the left of Greeter Island there are two Linden Helper islands which appear to be closed to the public.

Nearby I clicked on About Land and it seems that Greeter Island is apart of the Linden Helpers project beta program that will be assisting new users getting started with the basics of Second Life. Linden Helpers will be available between 10am-6pm SLT/PDT – Monday through to Sunday.

It’s not clear if this project will enable SL volunteers / mentor groups to help out new users. This is a good step in right direction I think after the mentor program was shut down in December 2009 and it will be exciting to see how the Linden Helpers program develops in the coming months.