Early SL predictions for 2012

Check out my early list of predictions for Second Life during 2012.
  • SL concurrency to reach between 90, 000 to 100, 000 before 2013
  • OpenSim & InWorldz will continue to grow
  • Windows 8 compatibility for SL before 2013
  • Linden Lab works on other projects outside SL
  • More big announcements & viewer improvements
  • Second Life gets rebranded and relaunched during 2012
  • Second Life will see growth during 2012
  • More sims/places closing out from lack of money or interest
  • Second Life gets bought out by another company
  • TPV adoption and Mesh continues on the rise
  • Linden Lab to either reduce/increase tier before 2013
  • Rodvik will change his avatar appearance
Do you have any early SL predictions for 2012 ?

5 thoughts on “Early SL predictions for 2012

  1. As for the reduce/increase tier before 2013, I suspect it will be reduce. Reasoning behind that is your other prediction of ‘More sims/places closing out from lack of money…’.

    As for a buy out, I believe the wording would be ‘Linden Labs gets bought out’ as it is a holder of Second Life, or ‘Second Life gets bought’ as it is the product. If such an event where to happen, I suspect the buyer would be the one reaping the benefits of such a purchase for a long time to come. If I had the money, I’d buy it.


  2. @Cisop: I hope the lab reduces tier next year because that would make a big difference. Many have been saying there will be a buy out of some sort next year. We will see!

    @1920sberlin: I should of added that. Both! ;p

    @Missy: Interesting predictions, thanks! 🙂

    @Inara: Or am I. lol


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