Early SL predictions for 2012

Check out my early list of predictions for Second Life during 2012.
  • SL concurrency to reach between 90, 000 to 100, 000 before 2013
  • OpenSim & InWorldz will continue to grow
  • Windows 8 compatibility for SL before 2013
  • Linden Lab works on other projects outside SL
  • More big announcements & viewer improvements
  • Second Life gets rebranded and relaunched during 2012
  • Second Life will see growth during 2012
  • More sims/places closing out from lack of money or interest
  • Second Life gets bought out by another company
  • TPV adoption and Mesh continues on the rise
  • Linden Lab to either reduce/increase tier before 2013
  • Rodvik will change his avatar appearance
Do you have any early SL predictions for 2012 ?

New Zindra hub regions come online

5 new Zindra privately owned hub regions called Zindra North, East, West , South & Prime have appeared on the grid this month just south of the Bondage Ranch Adult regions. I have been looking around these new hub regions and they are all really nice.

In place information it says that the regions will be opening soon and each region has a maturity rating of Adult. I have been told that many have been working around the clock get these new hub regions finished.

These 5 core regions are not fully up and running yet. The main Zindra regions are located on the other side of the grid and to find them search for “Mosh” on the Map.

Comparison map of where the regions are on the grid.