SL place closures autumn update 2011

My last report on SL place closures was published during July 2011 and I now want to update everyone on the latest since then. Check out New SL Sims in the past week for regions added and removed in Second Life published by Tyche Shepherd. It’s always sad to see places/regions closing down in Second Life but there’s always new places opening on the grid. Check out the Second Life Destination Guide.

Remaining active/online regions since last report

  • Antiquity regions
  • sLiterary, Shakespeare, Primtings & Skin City
  • Numbakulla
  • The Far Away, Dreamworld North
  • Space Destiny
  • Abbotts Aerodrome

Recent closures

  • Help People Island
  • Berries Inc
  • Sweetest Goodbye
  • The Minoan Empire

Upcoming closures 

(Update as of 8th November 2011)

Skin Burn 2011 starts this Saturday

This year’s Skin Burn 2011 event will be kicking off from 11am SLT to 3pm SLT at Silver Seed region. DJ music and other fun things will be happening during the morning and afternoon. The Man will burn to the ground at 12pm SLT so don’t miss that on 12th November 2011.

Skin Burn is a nudity event and everyone is asked to leave their clothes to one side. The aim is for everyone to wear interesting skins and textures on their avatars. 

If you have any questions please IM Ladyslipper Constantine or Gemma Cleanslate for more information. Last year was the first Skin Burn in Second Life and that was a big success with everyone. This year will be bigger and better than ever before!

NASA Benefits for People with Disabilities presentation this Saturday

At 8am SLT on Saturday 12th November 2011 there will be a inworld presentation called NASA Benefits for People with Disabilities. Come along to learn about the benefits for people with disabilities. The wonderful Gentle Heron will be presenting this and everyone is welcome.

Here are the event details below…

NASA Benefits for People with Disabilities

Presented by: Gentle Heron
Saturday, Nov 12, 2011
8 am SLT
The Sojourner Auditorium, Virtual Ability Island

Thie presentation could alternatively be titled: “What 15% of the population gets from less than 1% of the federal budget.”

NASA is better known for its work in sending mankind into space than for the many other benefits that derive from its discoveries and technologies.

People with disabilities have benefitted greatly from spin-offs from NASA.

Come learn more about these benefits.

Presenter Bio:
Gentle Heron is now president of Virtual Ability, Inc. In a former life, she worked on Education and Public Outreach support for an unmanned NASA mission.