Congratulations Gracie Kendal on reaching 2000 avatars

Yesterday Gracie Kendal reached the next big milestone of 2000 avatars which is incredible. Congratulations to Gracie Kendal on this awesome accomplishment and amazing project. On 12th January 2011 Gracie Kendal reached the 1000 avatars for the 1000 Avatars Project.

Yep, you read right!!! I met my goal tonight… 2000 Avatar portraits shot in 1 year and 9 days!!! YAY!!!!! It was a very fun night with some great people hanging out till the very end…

What’s next for the project ?

I am going to begin work on volume 2 of the 1000 Avatars real life book!!! Yay!!! The goal is to have it done in time for the holidays!!! YAY!!!

Keep your eyes and ears open for info on the pre-release of the book including special sales and a party!!!!

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Great job Gracie! 🙂