Linden Lab finally responds to Bring Back Last Name Options JIRA

Today ProductTeam Linden responds to the Bring Back Last Name Options JIRA saying that the lab are “currently reviewing decisions that were made with the username / display names implementation”. Linden Lab knows that there’s been alot of interest since 18th July 2011 and it’s going to be interesting to see what gets done next. It would be great to see the last name option added to the registration process and for the existing username system to still remain active.

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I expect there will be more comments and more Linden presence in the coming days/weeks/months. It’s good to see that the lab are taking notice about this. Yay!

First Annual Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival opens today

The first annual Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival opens today and the festival will run through to 22nd November 2011. The festival will be taking place on the Inworldz Event Sims where you can visit the first historic art event that InWorldz has ever had.

Festival theme
“Inworldz: Dreams of my heart, Visions of my mind”

Today marks the Build period until 13th November 2011. 

The Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival Build period is now officially open.

The artists involved have till midnight 12 November to build their Dream or Vision on a 32×32 m space* with a maximum of 900 prims each.

From 13 November to 22nd November the public and judges will be viewing the works created – whilst enjoying some of the best performers available at the stage on Sim A.

The prize money is building and all can add to the pool and thus show their support for the artists by donating at the central landing points on any of the Art Festival events sims. Earlier tonight there was over Iz 78,000 in the pool.

Come see the dreams of the heart and visions of the mind from over 35 of the most creative people who make this world what it is – a great place to be.

Inworldz Dreamz & Visionz Art Festival further details

Information for the Artists:

– If you haven’t already done so, you will need to create an account and log into InWorldz. Applications are available through festival organizers and in key locations through out the grid. Additionally festival information can be obtained through the Inworldz event forum.
– 64 plots available – each 32 x32 m ground foot print, with 900 prims each plot
– Low lag scripts (scripting guidelines will be supplied)
– Individual or teams of up to 4 creators
– Builds must not be commercial – no selling or advertising other than a NC or LM to gallery or store of the creator/s
– Gifts are ok – please use the giver script supplied
– Plots will be allocated by lot (i.e. randomly)
– Creators will be supplied with a foot print prim with path and orientation indicators to begin building offsite if required
– Sky platforms over the plot are allowed but must be above 500m, not be larger than the ground footprint and have a TP to the platform on the ground


– 1st and 2nd prizes will be given for each SIM (4 first & 4 second)
– Prize money will be raised via tip jars on the SIM’s
– All contributing creators will get a small participatory monetary gift

Application Process:

IW resident can send their completed Application Notecard to Jeri Rahja. Also IM her so she can chase any NC that get lost. Once all plots are filled the plots on the SIM’s will be allocated by random ballot. The lucky 64 individuals/teams will be notified via NC and IM and supplied with a creator’s package which will include further info on how to proceed.

Key Dates:

October 1st – 25th applications for plots open
October 27th – Plot allocations go out
November 1st – SIM’s open to creators
November 12th – building completed – events start – judging starts
November 21st and 22nd – Judging concludes
November 22nd – prizes announced and presented

Festival Organizers

  • Jeri Rahja
  • quadrapop Tree

Festival Sponsors

  • IW Founders represented by Elenia Llewellyn

Festival Team

  • Building – Alizarin Goldflake
  • Graphics – Miso Susanowa
  • PR/Media – Nazz Lane
  • Scripting – Zauber Paracelsus

OGlam celebrates first year anniversary

OGlam will be celebrating it’s first year anniversary on 4th-6th November 2011 in Second Life. There will be a big lineup of events planned including promotion, charity and fun. OGlam has been successful because of the designers, family of models and the fashion community in Second Life.

Image contains adult content.

Press Release details for the first year anniversary.

OGlam Birthday Weekend Events:

1. Kick-off Charity Event benefiting United Nations World Food Program (WFP) – Crisis in the Horn of Africa. OGlam Shopping Designers will be joining together to raise money and awareness for WFP. Designers will be selling exclusive items benefiting WFP.

2. Birthday 50% sim sale at OGlam Shopping November 4-6, 2011.

3. Runway Celebration featuring a 3-part show “Around the World with Love” on November 5th.
Nemesis “From Paris with Love” at 1pm slt
PEOPLE “From London with Love” at 3pm slt
Coeur Noir “From New York with Love” at 6pm slt

BOSL Radio will be sponsoring the event and broadcasting live throughout the weekend.

Join us as we celebrate the success we have all shared together!

Background Information

Crisis in the Horn of Africa:
Drought in the Horn of Africa, coupled with conflict in Somalia, has affected over 13 million people.
Thousands of children, women and men are dieing everyday as a result of starvation.

The United Nations World Food Program (WFP) is at the forefront of dealing with this crisis and is mounting food operations in five countries in the region (Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda).

It is our goal to raise awareness and money for this incredible crisis that has not had the kind of attention other human tragedies have garnered to date.

All in-world donations will be made to a special avatar, “HornOfAfricaCrisis Resident,” who’s sole purpose is to receive in-world donations and turn them over to the WFP. The WFP has a Paypal account as does this Avatar. All SL transactions and all Paypal transactions will be published on a blog for all to view.

United Nations World Food Program Website:

United Nations World Food Program Donation Website:

Inworld Donation Transaction Record Website:

Thank you in advance for joining us to fight famine! We know together we can make a difference!


PR Contact:
Vixie Rayna, Chief Marketing Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Lulu Bruer, Chief Operating Officer, OGlam Inc. –
Matteo Bettencourt, Chief Executive Officer, OGlam Inc