Linden Lab releases new Viewer 3 user interface

On 18th October 2011 Oz Linden added a new Beta Candidate to the SL wiki Downloading test builds page. Viewer 3.2.0 beta viewer now has a new user interface which looks good. Today I downloaded and installed the new beta version which seems to working fine on my pc. I like the customization and the new features added in this release.

When I logged in I noticed that there was no sidebar and that’s because Linden Lab have replaced it with new customized panels. A big majority of SL users wanted the sidebar to be removed in the early releases-recent releases of Viewer 2 and now most of which have moved to third-party viewers instead.  Many liked Viewer 1 for many reasons and now with this new release perhaps users will start returning to Viewer 3.

New changes

  • New panels have been added left of the viewer and at the bottom
  • New Avatar picker added to left panels
  • Notifications now appear top right of the screen
  • New Received Items in Inventory > when purchasing things from the marketplace
  • Dashboard & Toolbars added to the Me menu
  • New Destinations Guide on the bottom toolbar
  • Shop button added to top toolbar
  • There’s much more!

The new Viewer 3 user interface


Looking at the new Avatars picker 

Dashboard & Toolbars have been added to Me menu 

New How To basics 

New Destinations Guide 

Basic Chat bar 

Here are some mixed reactions from the SL community about the new Viewer 3 user interface.


  • I like it
  • It looks good
  • Looks promising
  • It’s running pretty smoothly
  • Not happy with another change
  • Not so good for performace
  • There are significant bugs
  • Slightly behind firestorm with regards to the toolbar/ sidebar
Try out this new user interface and see what you think of it. Feedback is welcome in comments! 🙂





Happy 8th Birthday Luskwood

One of the oldest furry communities still left in Second Life celebrated it’s 8th birthday party last weekend apparently. A big milestone for the Luskwood community. Happy 8th Birthday! 

There was live music, great entertainment and a nice crowd during the birthday celebrations weekend. If you have the chance it’s worth visiting Luskwood in Second Life because it’s a lovely place to chat with friendly people and explore the historical side of the grid.


Luskwood Creatures, SL’s Original Furry Avatars, Since 2003. We are Second Life’s longest-running community and avatar creators.

A social chat hangout area in a forest setting; Run by furries – but NOT furry only! ANYONE is welcome

Future of Kirstens Viewer announcement

UPDATE (17th October 2011)

After weeks of thought and recent activity the viewer team will be going down the Crowdfunder path. Check out this annoucement for futher details about the future of Kirstens Viewer. This is great news to hear about today and I think that it’s going to be very successful.


News just in that there will be a announcement soon on the website about the future of Kirstens Viewer which sounds exciting. Back in early September 2011 there was sad news due to unfortunate events from Dawny and Kirsten. Hopefully this announcement will be good news but we will have to wait alittle longer.

Lana Simondsen opening new gallery in Second Life soon

It’s always great to hear about new openings in Second Life. Lana Simondse will be opening a new gallery in Second Life called LA Gallery which will be open to the public in just a few days time. Join the Press Pass Media Group inworld for the latest news and landmarks.

Lana Simondsen is opening a new gallery  in SL.   Missing her beloved Criss MCA,  Lana decided she needed to keep involved in the art world here.  LA Gallery is up and ready and will open in just a few days.  Friends and art lovers keep watch for notices announcing the  Grand Opening

Here is a sneak preview of part of the gallery. This is exciting news for those interested in art in Second Life and want to view amazing art pieces.

Rodvik Humble releases details about new UI changes for Second Life

Apparently there will be new UI changes coming soon to Second Life by the end of October 2011, according to Rodvik Humble. Rodvik mentioned UI and GUI changes on 3rd October in response to CEO Rodvik Humble Shares What’s New in Second Life blog posting on the SLUniverse Forums.

This is exciting news I think. I have impressed with what Rodvik has been doing to Second Life during the course of 2011 and the future looks encouraging as we near 2012.  At SLCC 2011 Rodvik did mention that there was going to be new improvements to Viewer 2 UI soon.

What do you think about new UI changes that Rodvik has mentioned ?

Hitomi: Oh come on, you gotta give me the growth one  Large amounts of new users coming organically AND signing up as Premium customers? Sure they are not yet putting in the hours of long term users nor yet progressing into making things as much as I want (yet) but I havent claimed that.

For the UI changes. First you will see a merge of the modes. (basically click to move + new camera coming into advanced which you can turn to old way if you like). That should be End of this month.

Next a large GUI change for all our users. Yup we are taking another crack at UI design again…(Moria drums)

So in fairly short order you will be enjoying a new Linden Lab UI AND new features to help things run amok inworld.

Good or bad it will be glorious


Linden Lab adds Messages feature to SL social web profiles

Linden Lab have now added a new Messages feature on SL social web profiles. This is a good communication addition I think that the lab have introduced to the new profiles this year. There is a inbox method and profile method to send messages out to friends.

I have noticed that when I receive messages they appear to be in my gmail inbox too. The IM feature still needs work done to it I think so that everyone can chat without having the need of logging into SL. The Messages feature is fast, simple and there is room for options.

Inbox method

  1. Inbox > Send Message > Search by username 
  2. Enter a friend’s username > Enter message
  3. Send Message 
Profile method
  1. Open up friends profile > Click on drawing pen icon > Send Message
What do you think of the new Messages feature ? 

Fill out the BURN2 survey to improve the experience in 2012

Fill out this new BURN2 survey in order to improve the experience in 2012. There is a short list of questions to answer. When done press Submit then the survey will be sent to the BURN2 team. Woooot!!!!

BURN2 Participant Survey

A nice message after you have submitted the survey. 

Reflections on BURN2 2011

Firstly I have to say that BURN2 was amazing this year in Second Life and there was a great sense of community spirit during the week-long event. I was impressed by all the fantastic exhibits and live performances this year which rocked. Congratulations to all those involved in organizing, creating and volunteering this year making BURN2 happen in 2011. Great job and i’m already looking forward to BURN2 2012!

Whats next ? 

The BURN2 sims will remain public until 11pm SLT on 13th October 2011. In early November there will be a Skin Burn event and details will be announced soon.

InWorldz Conference March 29th – April 2nd 2012

In 2012 there will be a InWorldz Conference between 29th March – 2nd April 2011 in Vegas for the first time. This sounds like its going to a wonderful event and I hope that there will be live streaming during the event for those that can’t attend. I will be looking forward to watching IW presentations and announcements. Wooot!

As many know this falls in with InWorldz 3rd birthday which should be exciting too.

My snapshot above showing the inworldz stage during the 2nd birthday celebrations 2011.

BURN2 The Man 2011 machinima

Watch this new interesting machinima of The Man at BURN2 2011. Uploaded by Debbie Trilling.

For the third year running, ‘The Man’ has been created by the team of Debbie Trilling, Elfod Nemeth and Gypsy Paz on building and scripting, with Lorin Tone on sound effects.

2011 also sees Aleeta Zelin join the team with a very significant contribution to this year’s new build.

‘The Man’ build comprise 800+ prims and is 71m high at its tallest point

Great video!