Will Wright joins Linden Lab


Interesting and exciting news this week that Will Wright has joined the board of directors at Linden Lab. Will Wright has a strong background in the gaming industry and he has designed many well-known games. Rodvik Humble is the current CEO of Linden Lab!

  • Raid on Bungeling Bay
  • SimCity
  • SimCity 2000
  • SimCity 3000
  • SimFarm
  • SimEarth
  • SimLife
  • SimCopter
  • SimAnt
  • The Sims
  • The Sims 2
  • Spore
This sounds really promising for Second Life’s future and hopefully we will see great things from Will Wright very soon. The reaction from the SL community seems to be happy about Will Wright joining Linden Lab.

7 thoughts on “Will Wright joins Linden Lab

  1. Hopefully he’ll realize how few people would have played the Sims if it cost 300$ a month and 2000$ to buy the game. Cut tier by 1/3, simplify the police state TOS, and you’ll have lots of customers back. Tie the number of items permitted in marketplace to the size of your land, and owning land won’t be a sucker bet anymore, either.

    Simple things to fix so much ruin. And the lab ignores them and pretends all is well.


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