Adult Gateway on Zindra to be phased out

UPDATE: Linden Lab in the next few weeks the Adult Gateway hub on Zindra will be phased out. New changes are on the way it seems and there may be a new contract announcement soon.

I received this notecard via mentor group explaining whats going to happen in the weeks to come. When more develops I will publish another post.

In the next few weeks the adult gateway or hub on Zindra will be phased out. Linden Labs asked a few private organisations in SL to produce a plan to establish a well run and better service for all adult users who use the welcome areas to establish themselves in SL. 

The notecard goes on to say this…

At a meeting on monday the 3rd October Linden Labs announced that a single organisation had won the contract to build, run and expand an Adult Gateway in accordance with well established principles. While it has not yet been officially announced, the organisation who obtained this contract is called ” The Freedom Continent “. This is an established complex of 16 sims, mostly adult, working together to bring a better sense of reliability to adult users in SL. They have in place a well established management system and many years of expierience in dealing with adult content. The freedom team are looking for mentors who understand the problems in dealing with adult content users and work with the team to build a good sound adult mentor group who will greet and teach new users as they appear. The Mentor group, The Adult Grid Mentors, will form the backbone to the group. This mentor group will be the official mentor group for the new adult gateway and has the full support of Linden Labs.

For more information…

If you are interested in joining the team and becoming involved with the adult sector of SL please send me a note with your details.

Ravena DeCuir. Adult grid Mentor and CEO of the Freedom Continent.

5 thoughts on “Adult Gateway on Zindra to be phased out

  1. It’s hard for me to be excited about the Zindra continent itself. The Adult places I hang out in are on various private islands. A couple of them have moved from Zindra to private islands within the last year.

    The past treatment of volunteers in the area of Help provision has not been good.

    Past experience suggests Linden Lab don’t really know what they’re doing when it comes to helping new players. The Basic mode managed to break almost every way there was of actually helping anyone: no Landmarks, no Notecards, no Groups.


  2. I certainly dont fault anyone seizing an opportunity, but the way this ‘transition’ has been handled has been an insulting disaster on many levels, and has alienated the work of others. Pre-existing community programs have been ignored or shut down, voices marginalized to the point of silence, maddeningly poor business and marketing decisions made, and a lexicon of doublespeak marched out from the pages of some social engineering manual by less-than-adept practicioners. The community has not been ‘brought forward’. Rather, public land is now sold to private interests, with a promise of exclusive marketing and branding from LL, to ‘represent’ ALL of Adult SL and Zindra. This is a descent into a new level of unfairness and imbalance. It’s wrong on an ethical level. Understand that this ‘gateway’ will be promoted by LL as the entry point to Adult SL. Not even close to a neutral arrangement, or one that could attempt to be as such. This akin to corporate sponsorship of civic space, with the added element of the ‘government’ exclusively colluding with said sponsors. I myself refused to submit a ‘proposal’ along these lines to LL (I did publish a counter proposal) because I would not want to be in an abusive and abused position and I am actually quite saddened to see that this arrogant effort by LL has actually received traction. The means to an end does matter.


  3. Furthermore! Anyone can type ‘Zindra’ in a Map search and now see more travesty. (try it!) A series of Zindra-named regions that arent even on mainland (but are part of a private estate!). The term Zindra has been sold out from underneath all adult mainlanders. This affects many peoepl. Redirecting traffic to a private estate? One that promotes whatever lifestyles or businesses it feels are most relevant?
    Amazingly, ZEXPO island (which supposedly was the land to be sold for this scheme is not in the equation at all…the Island could now be planning its next big event, but alas: our time has been wasted again). You must realize there is more incompetence than actual conspiracy at work here!
    PS – The so-called adult gateway that was ‘phased out’ (if you mean Zindra Sim) was done so by our current LL representative very purposefully, despite solid and previously approved measures to develop that area. Voices were ignored and shut out as this rep’s agenda was forced down throats. This was a forced measure.


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