Help People Island officially closes access

After 5pm SLT today the Help People Island owners stopped teleports to the region. There was a special tearful farewell party where many celebrated HPI achievements etc. I would say there was more than 30 avatars in the sim during the party until the end when everyone crashed. Sad day!


Hello all HPI Fans,

Sadly HPI closes today after many years of service in Second Life. With that in mind, we want all of you to have a place to reach out for help and to keep in touch, so we have created a new Group. Its called Helping Haven Fans, you can find this in search and join there or you can contact one of us to be added.

We would like to thank you for your support and hope to see you again and that you have a wonderful Second Life.

Aullere Ocello and Lily Swindlehurst.

Region map below: Today at 5:50pm SLT

  • closed to access

This is a sad day for the Second Life community after having a presence in Second Life for six years. This is a big loss for the new resident experience and its a shame.


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