The SecondLife Purity Test

Try out The SecondLife Purity Test which attempts to gauge how “pure” and “corrupt” you are within Second Life. There are 100 questions to answer by ticking the boxes then click Submit to find out the SL purity calculation results.

My results

  • 91.0% Second Life pure 
  • (9.0% Second Life corrupt)

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7 thoughts on “The SecondLife Purity Test

  1. This are the type of things that really fuck up SL like 50% of the test is about sex, and I work and spend most of my time on SL and I never do sex related stuff… yes that’s the kind of shit that keep SL outside of mainstream…


  2. They suggest that having a child avatar is a violation of ToS. WTF?!! When’s the last time the person who created this test actually logged into SL and/or read the ToS?

    I bet we could create a way better test than this.


  3. He also erroneously equates nudist places with sexual activity. Yes, there are some SL nudist places that mix the two, but I don’t go anywhere near those. The one SL nudist place I do go to occasionally absolutely forbids anything of a sexual nature, and boots anyone who violates that rule. He made that rule specifically to make the place safe for kid-avs, and it has existed for more than 2 years now without trouble from LL… unlike several other such nudist places that did NOT ruthlessly enforce that rule and got nuked because of it.

    I scored 93% on that test, btw. But I DIDN’T checkbox the answer about being a kid-av, because he wrongfully placed that under “violates the TOS” and it doesn’t.


  4. 71% “pure”… It would more interesting (i think) to have a test who give you a percentage of all the activities you can have on SL (building, photographies, leading groups…)


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