Linden Lab to email everyone who is over 18 that has not yet age verified

Apparently Linden Lab are now preparing an email to send to all SL residents over 18 years old that has not age verified to let them know about the easier age verification process. Check out this group notice that was sent out yesterday (19th September 2011) from the Zindra Alliance group.

Viale Linden brought the news at the meeting today that they are preparing an email to all residents over 18 years that has not age verified to inform them on how much easier this is now, and how they can set their preferences accordingly.

No firn date on the mailing yet, but he suggested a timeframe of 2 weeks.

This is good news … I guess my bitching  paid off eventually..


More information can be found here on the official Age Verification SL wiki page. I went through the age verification process in the past and I can access all areas (like shown below). What do you think of the age verification process?

One thought on “Linden Lab to email everyone who is over 18 that has not yet age verified

  1. What I think about the age verification process? What age verification process? There is none, and there never was one. There only was a “We cover our butts with calling something Age Verification that never really worked and that everyone with more than 3 months of internet experience can cheat easily” process. At least with the last changes they confessed this failure. Heck, this so-called age verification wasn’t even good to protect yourself from fraudulent ARs as being underage – LL still banned you, even if you were what they called “age verified”.


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