Third party viewers that support mesh, update 2

This is update 2 on viewers that now support mesh for Second Life. Mesh has already changed the look of Second Life drastically and the rate seems to be speeding up. I have been impressed with mesh builds so far on the grid and it’s definitely worth creating mesh objects.

  • Do you love/dislike Mesh?
  • How are you finding the experience so far?

I have noticed alot of discussion lately about friends inworld experimenting and creating mesh clothing. It’s great to see new mesh creations in Second Life however there are still concerns that need to be addressed with this.

List of TPVs that have mesh support:

The official Linden Lab Viewer 3 supports mesh and it won’t be long until other TPVs will support mesh as well. Can’t wait!

8 thoughts on “Third party viewers that support mesh, update 2

  1. Nice to see a post that shows Mesh supported viewers. I will say the link you have for astra viewer has been inaccessable for over a week so not sure what’s going on there 😦

    As for Mesh i haven’t been able to use any viewer that wont crash as soon as you click model but i have heard its fun.


  2. I had read somewhere that part of the V3 renderer was proprietary and therefore unusable by TPV’s until they replaced those proprietary parts? If this is true, I am curious as to how Firestorm has solved those problems ?


    1. The upload code is semi-“proprietory” inasmuch as it is built around the use of the Havok physics engine, and thus TPVs using it require a Havok licence. There is also an issue that the code, as supplied, doesn’t come with any templates or guidance, and TPV devs are having to work it out for themselves.

      Kirstenlee managed to get mesh uploading working – details are not clear; it may be that the limited licence for Havok provided a good enough baseline, I really have no idea; however, it would seem that more other TPVs are looking and Open Source physics engines to provide a solution.

      As to the rendering side of things, nope. Nothing proprietory there; hence why Kirsten’s, CL, Astra 1.5.10, Firrestorm 3 and Dolphin 3 all have the rendering capability.


  3. From the inworld mesh groups chat, I think the proprietary bit is creating the havok collision model when the mesh model is first uploaded. Don’t think the viewer uses any proprietary stuff to display mesh or to use mesh collisions after that.

    Some TPVs working on their own version of an uploader I think, but for now most them only enable mesh display. When uploading then most people using official release for that part.


  4. You forgot one – Phoenix Viewer 1.6.1 (1691) also shows mesh, but not being a developer of anything, I don’t know if you can upload mesh items.


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