Two Grendel’s Children sims closed down

Yesterday I heard the shocking news that two of the four Grendel’s Children sims will be closing in Second Life. Today it appears those two sims that closed down have already been sold. The downsizing is due to a lack of support from Linden Lab which is sad to hear about. The good news is that Grendel’s Children will still remain on the grid.

Above: Snapshot of the Grendel’s Children inside and hovering in the sky. 

Grendel’s Children is one of my favourite places to buy fantastic high quality avatars and you have probably noticed that when you see me in world or via online SL snapshots. I enjoy changing my avatar appearance monthly because each avatar I wear has the WOW factor I think. When I visit Grendel’s Children I’m amazed at all the awesome creativity there is when browsing through the different ranges of avatars on the walls.

Above: Snapshot of the Grendel’s 4 regions with two appearing offline/closed

I first heard about Grendel’s during my transfer phrase back in December 2008 and I remember visiting Grendel’s during my first week on the main grid of Second Life. In 2009, 2010 and 2011 I have told new residents to visit Grendel’s for amazing avatars because it has a huge presence in Second Life. I have been to a few Show and Tell events which were fascinating and interesting to hear about how it was made.

I don’t know if you have but I have noticed a big increase of well known sims and landmarks disappear from Second Life this year which is very heart breaking and sad news.

View my snapshots of Grendel’s here

6 thoughts on “Two Grendel’s Children sims closed down

  1. “Heart breaking and sad news” to say the least. People always say, “You can’t stand in the way of progress.” But is this progress. It feels like we’re going backwards. I keep wondering why Linden Lab doesn’t counter this bad publicity by writing stories on blogs and in press releases about all the wonderful new stuff that is being built in SL to replace the old stuff that is passing away.


  2. @secondeditionStone: Yeah, true. If no one posted anything about these closures then the lab would not know along with the SL community. The good news is that new places are joining Second Life and being featured on the Destination Guide.

    I remember the old popular places tab in Viewer 1 when I joined and it was hard searching for anything. Today its good the lab are adding places to the guide I think. 🙂


  3. I was one of the people that purchased one of the troubled sims, naturally not knowing any of this.
    This does explain why LL transferred it inside of a day heh.
    And yes i also inherited the problem too but suffice to say it has taken about a week with a support ticket to LL every day asking them why the sim is having issues when its empty, the sim is now on track and working considerably well (fingers crossed), LL have moved the sim to a different server and it is happily running as an RC Magnum server without any issue to date.
    I do have to thank the Linden who got this sim sorted, she was on the sim within seconds to witness the issue first hand etc.


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