Rod Humble interview with design3

Rod Humble talks about games design, development and Second Life in this recent interview with design3. I thought the interview was interesting and inspiring throughout the 8 minutes / 7 seconds of the video.

design3 got a chance to talk to Rod Humble at the UCSC ‘Inventing the Future of Games’ Symposium.

At 4 minutes in the video Rod Humble talks about Second Life which is always good to hear. Here are my favourite quotes from the interview below.

  • Rod says “I think what attracted me to Second Life is it was so unique”
  • “The economy is entirely driven by the players”
  • “Boy, that connected me”
  • “They care awful lot about that”
  • “I think that, to me it was this logical progression”
  • “Second Life was right there already”
At 4 minutes and 57 seconds the interviewer asks a question about the debate about video games being considered art.
  • Rod says “I think it’s over”
  • “I made games that I created”
  • “At this point you’re in a time machine business”
  • “It’s time machine time”
At 6 minutes the interviewer asks about what advice would Rod give to someone who is new to games development.
  • “I would say if you’re not a programmer then start with board games”
  • “You can make a game this weekend”
  • “It’s not hard”
  • “It is a learned skill”
  • “You don’t have to learn C++ to make a game anymore”
  • “There’s tools out there like game maker, there’s dark basic, all these are very easy to use tools”
  • “Then you’re off to the races”
  • Rod says “I encourage everyone who likes games who thinks its interesting to do it and my hope is that there will be a bunch of ideas”

At the end of the video the interviewer asks Rod what one word he would give to sum up video games design. Rod says “Glorious” which is a great word to use I think.

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