Metaverse Island closing until new theme builds are announced

UPDATE: Region is due to be wiped of old builds after 31st August 2011 and then the team will be working on new builds with a new theme etc on the island. Stay tuned!

Just found out that the well known Metaverse Island after 2 years in Second Life will be closing down for a while. Tomorrow (28th August 2011) is the last chance to look at the current builds before the builds are removed.

There will be a special beach party at 3pm SLT today located inworld here.

After two years the lovely build at Metaverse Island will be coming to a close. The island was built by renowned Second Life architect Lumiere Noir. Noir is most known for his work in creating the Ivory Tower of Primitives, and first stop for users in Second Life who are learning to build. For two years Metaverse TV and the Metaverse Tribune have called it home, but with the introduction of mesh and larger prim size limits we have decided we will rebuild with a new theme to be announced in the coming weeks.

To celebrate the builds closing there will be a beach party event held on Sunday August 28th, 2011 at 3PM SLT/PST (SLURL). Come celebrate and take one more look at this great build. The sim will remain open until August 31st at midnight.

Metaverse Island can be found on SL Destination Guide page here.

This architecturally impressive region is the home of Metaverse TV and Metaverse Tribune, which are online news and entertainment sources for virtual communities.

Inworld location information about Metaverse Island.

FREE scripted tvs for both v.2 and other viewers, live music, events, live tv programmes, hang out at the beautiful sim created by Lumiere Noir METAVERSE ISLAND


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