Hogwarts: Your Story new role play sim opening soon

22nd August Update

We are pleased to announce that the Hogwarts: Your Story sim will be open for a public preview at 6PM-9AM SLT

The preview will last from August 22nd to August 27th to the public. We are awaiting more details on when the sim will open for RP

We look forward to seeing and meeting you there!

I recently heard of Hogwarts: Your Story sim will be opening soon in Second Life. The official opening will be in early September 2011 apparently. However this is subject to change. Salvatore Otoro shares many wonderful snapshots during a recent tour and it’s worth checking out those preview photos to get some idea of what it looks like.

I’m a big fan of Harry Potter in real life and watched all the harry potter movies. I can’t wait to see it and go there!

`Hogwarts Prevails is the most realistic Harry Potter based wizarding Role Play Game (RPG) in Second Life. Set 40 years in the future of the Potterverse, come experience the magic of Hogwarts and Hogsmeade for yourself! + Photo Studio

The preview snapshots of the sims look amazing and wonderful. Here is a picture of the harry potter sims from the SL map.

A interesting World Of Hogwarts Ad from 2008.

Check out http://www.plurk.com/hogwartsyourstory for more info!

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