SLCC 2011 Day 2 live coverage updates

8am SLT – Small delay at the start. A great presentation by rik panganiban in the SLCC ballroom today. Around 60-70 people attended in the ballroom and there was at least 60 avatars inworld watching the live keynote.

Rik@ We’re running a few minutes late for my keynote, as people filter in, for those following along virtually. apologies.

SLCC@ rik comes running in wearing shades, while “we build this city” is blasting from the speakers. Come on down for his keynote!

SLCC@ Rik’s slides will also be posting to slideshare and after keynote!

rikomatic@ Had a fun time keynoting at @SLCC to a real world, virtual world and web audience. Thanks for coming!

9am SLT – rik ends by answering questions and session ends.

9:40am SLT – Mesh keynotes underway on live now hosted by Charlar Linden and Nyx Linden on the mesh panel. More than 40 avatars at the Fox Theater – Developers & OpenSource inworld. Interesting mesh presentation!

draxtor@ #slmesh panel with Charlar and Nyx – first row RL, first row

draxtor@Charlar: “I have no desire to see prims go away” correction: Runitai obviously at #slmesh panel #SLCC

Opensource@ #SLViewer 3 Beta with support for 3D model import being shown right now at Second Life Convention #slcc

Inara Pey@ Highly-detailed 52-PE house with scripted doors, & with windows, rooms, etc., shown by Charlar

10:30am SLT – mesh session ends!

11am SLT – Destination Guide & Beyond New SL Promotional Channels keynotes is taking place hosted by Brett Linden. Live on >

Check out my latest SLCC post for Rodvik’s keynotes speech!


More updates will be appear here during the day

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