Rod Humble at SLCC 2011 highlights

For the first time Rod Humble (Rodvik Linden) attended SLCC 2011 and held a keynotes address which started at around 1pm SLT on Saturday 13th August 2011 about the Future of Second Life. I thought the keynote address by Rod was very positive, interesting and that he did a great job at answering SL questions. There was at least 60 avatars in the SLCC regions this year with more than 50 attendees in the crowd in the ballroom at SLCC 2011 along with alot of viewers in the SLCC ustream chat window.

Watch Again Here or click below to view Rod Humble’s Keynote Address at SLCC 2011.

I think after the keynotes address many residents said they were impressed and happy with the announcements. There was alot of excitement and buzz on Plurk, Twitter and inworld during the keynotes speech. Always great to see!

Top 10 announcements

  1. 16, 000 new sign-ups daily for Second Life now
  2. Linden Lab currently working on other new products as well as Second Life
  3. New Linden-made area coming soon
  4. New offers for premium accounts
  5. New improvements to Viewer 2 UI soon
  6. Linden Lab working on marketing campaign for SL to bring in more traffic
  7. Linden Lab working on protection of user’s intellectual property also voice and facial recognition
  8. Linden Lab working on addressing the mobile and tablet market
  9. New features coming soon: groups, new products & group chat / new changes: reducing lag and improving customer service
  10. Best way to contact Rod is through his SL profile and Twitter account

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This is a image uploaded by the Second Life team showing Rod Humble talking to the SLCC 2011 crowd below.

What did you think of Rod Humble’s keynotes speech at SLCC 2011 ? 


2 thoughts on “Rod Humble at SLCC 2011 highlights

  1. But gridsurvey reports that we have now fallen below 48000 daily users for the first time. And that the world size continues to shrink with few new sims coming online to replace departing ones.

    Seems to me that Rod may grasp what we want SL for, but still doesn’t grasp that we won’t pay the outrageous fees for a “lease” bit of virtual land. The high price could be argued as the cost of ownership in days gone by. But if we don’t own it — despite what my receipts say — then few are going to pay such prices for land. And as the world shrinks, so too does the userbase.

    Either LL gives us what they sold and advertised to us, or they cut the purchase and tier costs by 1/3 at least. Otherwise this ship will continue to sink from the damage done over the past 3 years, because everyone is busy repainting the deck to its formerly festive colors instead of fixing the hole in the hull. While I’m glad to see a CEO who finally grasps that the users of SL want a virtual world where they can be and do anything (instead of being just themselves, ala Facebook), the costs associated with owning land are absurdly high for what we get.

    (Having server code interleave where the user data updates at half rate when more than 50 users are present should get servers able to support 100 people, too. )


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