Is Viewer 3 around the corner for Second Life?

A few days ago Opensource Obscure posted a screenshot of a test version which appears to be showing version 3 from the latest Development Viewer. Opensource talks futher about the transition from version 2 to version 3 in his post called With the arrival of the mesh, the Second Life viewer goes to version 3.0. On LL viewer development changeset page it shows version 3 on there as well.

This suggests that Viewer 3 versions will be here soon and if so will support the introduction of mesh etc.

In the coming weeks the number of the official version of the viewer will go from 2 to 3

Oz Linden said today that the transition to the version number of 3 points to support the introduction of ‘ import of 3D models – the famous ” Mesh ” .

The transition to the version number 3 does not involve radical changes in the interface such as those carried by Viewer 2.0, which differed greatly from versions 1.x

In other words, the official version 3 of the viewer should be almost identical to version 2.8 , adding support to the mesh and some other minor innovations.

We will have to see if Linden Lab will announce more details about Viewer 3 during SLCC 2011 this weekend. It’s going to be interesting to see what announcements Linden Lab will make this year.

I will be blogging about SLCC 2011 during the weekend – stay tuned.


3 thoughts on “Is Viewer 3 around the corner for Second Life?

  1. Am I the only one not comforted by this? Because instead of making things like mesh and other nonsense they really need to make a more stable, user friendly interface. The problem with adding so much especially in this economy is that not everyone has a computer system that can support SL as it is currently you throw more and they are talking of removing v1 viewers (like the standard phoenix) they will lose a lot of people purely because they cant USE the program any longer.


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