SL community raise $9,227.71 for Beth Odets brain surgery


  • 12:13pm SLT: $12,804.73 USD have been raised – 8th August 2011


Earier this month NWN published a blog post called Beth Odets, Longtime SL Community Leader & Artist, Needs Brain Surgery IRL. Since then there have been lot’s of donations from the Second Life community for a great cause. The latest update is that the Second Life community have raised $9,227.71 for Beth Odets brain surgery which is incredible.

Beth Odets, a longtime Second Life community leader, artist, and musician, is undergoing brain surgery to remove a tumor, and her friend Eshi Otawara, a famed fashion designer, has discounted some of her widely-admired designs to help cover the costs of the operation.

It’s really nice to the SL community help to donate for RL causes and this shows again anything is possible. I’m sure this amazing donation will go along way to help Beth with her brain surgery. I wish her all the best with the recovery of the brain surgery.


6 thoughts on “SL community raise $9,227.71 for Beth Odets brain surgery

  1. It’s very heart warming. She is a wonderful person and an awesome musician, and very loved. The whole family is 🙂 for all their contributions to the music community and more. It’s amazing to see an old school “barn raising” not just for a generic cause… for a wonderful woman and for a friend.

    Yeah Daniel. This is where we shine as a community. We care about each other. The family is in my prayers.



  2. Still awaiting results of an investigation requested to the Dallas FBI and Linden Labs about potential fraud in this fund raiser.


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