Which social networking site is your favourite for Second Life in 2011?

Now 8 months into 2011 with social networks growing every month i’m wondering which social network is your favourite for Second Life activities in 2011 ?. Vote Below!

I asked this same question a year ago and received a different set of results shown below. It’s going to be interesting this time to see if there is a comparison between the two years.



11 thoughts on “Which social networking site is your favourite for Second Life in 2011?

  1. You leave out a key category, “NONE”. Many of us have social lives in RL and SL, That is sufficient. Personally I consider most of the options you gave to be significant security risks, but then I am old 🙂


  2. @Shug: Hey and thanks for saying about adding “none” to the list.

    This poll is to find out what everyone uses and then compare that with last year’s poll I made (picture above). Write-up next month!


  3. I’d like to see a comparison between those social networking sites, especially the pros and cons re: identity and privacy. Seeing plurk so popular in last year’s survey makes me wonder why.


  4. We will be seeing more and more other social networking website start up and there have been a few who closed already.

    Myself I have beta tested a few Social networking scripts and I can tell you there of a abundance due to the popularity of introducing social networks to manufactures and companies in general plus there easily to setup, with a huge verity of templates to be purchased and some are given out for free.

    What is the hardest part about starting up a social network is what do you offer different from the others, Most offer Groups, calendars, Poor scripting forums compare to VB or PHP.BB, galleries, video galleries and so forth so for those who wish to create a new site these are the big questions to asked yourself.

    My advice is listen closely to others and they can tell their likes and dislikes about other social networking sites.

    But now you have to face the bomb shell many of these request may not be in development as a plug in for you script then you start paying the high price to have scripting done and the never-ending scripting updates you may have to do, that also in most cases makes your professional mods outdated and no longer works. Then you get complaints from your Members and start to lose there loyalties.

    Yes it is a lot of work after all : ) Good luck to you all on your new venture : )


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