Google+ still suspending SL profiles

A new month and a new report of Google+ suspending yet another SL profile. Long-time SL resident and well known SL blogger called Botgirl Questi has posted a transcript of the appeal about the Google+ suspension that happened today. Follow #plusgate on Twitter where the SL community are expressing their views. Last month generated alot of buzz from the SL community about Google+ and i’m sure this month there will be more too.

Other well known SL avatars have also been suspended in the past month:

Google+ launched on 28th June 2011 in beta and still seems to be invite-only. Weeks later since the launch Google+ have stll been suspending SL profiles with this message below. It’s really disappointing to hear about Google+ SL suspensions and to me Google still doesn’t get social networking.

On the other side of the scale I do think Google+ has potential and has a long way to go to catch up with Facebook. Google+ passed the 20 million users milestone after 24 days, Facebook has 750 million users and Twitter has 300 million users on the larger scale. On the smaller scale Second Life passed the 20 million registered users mark in July 2011. It’s going to be interesting to see how things develop in the near future and to see if Google+ will survive the next year or two.

I think the best sites for SL social networking are these in order:

  1. Plurk
  2. Twitter
  3. SL social profiles
  4. 2ndhub
  5. Facebook
  6. Google+
  7. Diaspora

What are your views on Google+ suspending SL profiles ? 

6 thoughts on “Google+ still suspending SL profiles

  1. @Daniel; Hi! I’ve been thinking a bit on what Google+ is really aiming at and I think it’s aiming at being a paid Google service for enterprises with, say, about 100 people or more. That is, it is aimed at organizations that are large enough to need a private “intranetworking” tool, but not large enough to afford an in-house or premium data center service.

    What Google+ is NOT is a public service like Google Search or Google Mail.

    I recently joined a project that used a Paid Google Mail Service for a custom mail url, and that was my first exposure to “the private side of Google.” Lord knows the company makes plenty of ad revenue from large-scale use of its public services, that are “cost-free but not ad-free”. And they make additional revenue from private versions of Search and Mail.

    So I think the company got itself into trouble by implying that Google+ would be another cost-but-not-ad-free public service, especially because they used the big buzz method of going after independent early adopters to sign up for it, just like they did for Google Mail. THEN we found out about the forced-use-of-private-information to use the service and not be banned.

    I would call what happened intentional “Bait and Switch” if I thought they did it on purpose. The alternative is that they didn’t think it through enough, ahead of time, about what they were doing, who they were aiming at, and how it would be received.

    After all, enterprise users are NOT going to sign up for Google+ for organization use unless their organizations have adopted it. So why was it ever made public to independent users?


  2. I didn’t create the following petition, but I signed it:

    I think we should let the EFF, the ACLU, programs against domestic violence, the Writers’ Guild, the Trevor Project, and anyone else involved with an organization whose members may have legitimate uses for pseudonyms know about the position Google+ has taken. I think it is, potentially, a great service, but I’d like to see them permit pseudonyms so as not to leave potentially disenfranchised groups out in the cold.


  3. There is no way for Google to randomly “spot” these profiles. It’s someone (or at least a group of people) for whatever reason clicking the “report” link on the profile page, which flags Google staff to look at it, then they suspend it.

    It’s no different that an abuse report in world.

    You’re there, I’m there (as under my main Alyona Su) – I figure it’s only a matter of time, and I’m not concerned as I don;t use Google anything – this is an experiment.

    But here’s the difference for you and I and everyone else not yet suspended: who’s real life parents would name their child “Opensource” or “Pixeleen” or “Bottgirl”?

    Certainly these people, like me (and probably you and others) have “Alt” Google accounts with our real names for our real lives.

    As for me: I use Bing, Tumblr, CloudApp, Shortmail… I am basically Google-free in my “normal” use. So this Google account (Alyona Su) is really just a throw away. I get canned, I’ll log everything. If anything interesting worth seeing happens, I’ll throw it at you. 🙂


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