Top 10 airports in Second Life 2011

(picture of  Hollywood Airport runway above)

I love flying around Second Life from airport to airport regularly and here are my top favourite airport destinations. These are really good places to fly planes and explore the grid from the sky.

SL Airport Map 2011

  1. Second Life International Airport – Gateway to Blake Sea & USS, Antilaghi
  2. Hollywood Airport – The most beautiful, best located, airport in SL aviation, at the crossroads of the 180 sims of the Blake Sea & the United Sailing Sims.
  3. Bay City Municipal Aeroport – Rez zone south of the hangar (about 158, 26,26) or at the west end of the runway. Consider joining the Bay City ATC group for the air-to-air and air-to-ground “radio” channel. Runway 9 is 250 m long, at 4.3 m
  4. Abbotts Aerodrome – SL’s most famous airport! Visit us for planes..helicopters, skydiving, free demos. Home of Terra..Aeronautics and ARMORD gear.
  5. Honah Lee Field – Welcome to Honah Lee Field the new go-to location for all Pilots in the Blake Sea region and beyond!
  6. New Horizons Airport – International Airport that has acces to a great number of sims including the blake sea and nautilus airport
  7. Nautilus Municipal Airport – Nautilus Municipal Airport is a light to medium capacity airport serving Nautilus and Corsica cross-continental pilots.  Excellent rest stop for expeditionary pilots and group grid flight enthusiasts. Open to public.
  8. Japan Airport – Battleship, aircraft carrier, cruiser, yacht, boat, fighter, jet, helicopter, car, sports car, sandbox
  9. Haskew Memorial Airport – Welcome to Haskew Memorial Airport. A place to fly your planes, helicopters, Jets, fighters, Military aircraft, and other flying machines. We welcome your visit, please feel free to look around the terminal building.  There is also a steel mill on sight.
  10. Talakin Airport – Fly to Nautilus City and Blake sea from here. Terra and Texaco aircraft fuel.

SL Aviation Summer Festival

More cool plane videos 
(picture of Second Life International Airport below)

22 thoughts on “Top 10 airports in Second Life 2011

  1. This is a great list!

    One of these days I’m like to set out from Abbots and attempt to land at each one of the airports on Sansara and Heterocera.

    All I need is something like a SatNav that shows restricted airspace. There’s nothing worse than making it to within a few minutes of a new airstrip and running into a banline or worse.


  2. @Salvatore: Yup, its good fun. :p

    @Neal: Good luck on that attempt. I like the idea of the SatNav that shows restricted airspace and I would grab one straight away. The problem for years is that one sim or another will crash/lag out when flying..


  3. @MarkTwain: Thanks. I did add info to the SLURL and it’s one of my top favourite airports in SL. Been watching the airport grow over the years and change!

    “The most beautiful, best located, airport in SL aviation, at the crossroads of the 180 sims of the Blake Sea & the United Sailing Sims.”


  4. It’s OK, Daniel. The comment was tongue in cheek. I certainly don’t expect ERMA to be in the top 10 list, though in my opinion it could be. But we have not promoted our airport much, we need to do a better job.

    Please, do visit. We’d love to know your opinion about it.


  5. I was hoping/expecting to see Elinor airport on that list I will agree that hollywood ia the best placed, and one of the most important.. but it is certainly not the prettiest.

    How about a list of technical airports. ST martin comes to mind. One of my favouite strips in sl


  6. Nice post. It is great to see that most of this Second Life airports still exist today (January 2014). As a Second Life airline we are glad to fly to almost all this airports every day. You can book a flight for free with us, we are Japan Airlines and our HQ is located at Second Norway Airport in Second Life. You can book online at our website at:


  7. The only problem with Hollywood is their security staff who are on a major power trip, a real nasty bunch of jumped up little Napoleons.


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