SLCC 2011 & BURN2 2011 coming soon

There are two big Second Life events that will be happening very soon. I love both of these well known SL yearly events and I recommend you visit them. The first is Second Life Community Convention 2011, which is a yearly conference organised by Second Life residents. This year SLCC 2011 will be hosted in Oakland from 12th-14th August 2011. Hopefully there will be live streaming coverage from SLCC straight into the SLCC regions on the grid.

The second big event that will be happening in Second Life later this year is BURN2 2011, which is community supported event and will take place from 1st-9th October 2011. Organisation and preparation in now underway for the event.

SLCC 2011

Upcoming Schedule 
  • 7/31 – Presenters must be registered
  • 8/1 – Custom badges due
  • 8/5 – Social Events & Mixers due
  • 8/11 – Track Leaders & Volunteers arrive
  • 8/12 – 7th Annual SLCC begins!!


I will blog more when we get nearer to these important dates. I’m really excited!

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