Space exploration places in Second Life 2011

Check out my top 15 favourite space exploration places in Second Life to visit during 2011. Landmarks in favourite order below…

  1. Spaceport Alpha – Rockets and spacecraft from the past, present and future.  Ride a rocket into space and explore the planets! SciLands member. Volunteer created & maintained, donation supported.
  2. Spaceport Bravo – Rockets and spacecraft from the past, present and future.
  3. NASA CoLab – A NASA-sponsored co-working area for employees and volunteers to work collaboratively in the SciLands.
  4. Avatrian Central – Take part in the final journey by visiting the space shuttle launch site in SL .
  5. Explorer Island – NASA JPL on Explorer Island – Home of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.  Come see the history, explore space and technology.
  6. MoonWorld – A simulation of lunar geology field work conducted in Second Life.
  7. Mars Institute – The Mars Institute is a non-profit orgnization based in Canada and the US our motto is “To further the scientific study, exploration and public understanding of Mars.
  8. Space Studies Institute – Always under construction – pathfinder project by Space Studies Institute – – space industry and settlement – in SciLands – you can fly here!  No weapons except to defend Earth  – point all rockets to space – photography and video by permission
  9. NASA eEducation – The hub of NASA eEducation Island – stop by for info and events related to NASA and NASA education.  NASA eEducation is located in the Scilands.
  10. Exploratorium – The Exploratorium museum in San Francisco, interactive science exhibits in Second Life. A member of Scilands.
  11. National Space Society – National Space Society in Second Life, a region in the SciLands.
  12. SpinSpace astronomical art Gallery – Enjoy Niven Ringworld, asteroid habitats, IlluX, Space  for Music Museum.
  13. NASA INSPIRE ISLAND – Space venue island.
  14. The SL Planetarium Dome – Ready to chill out on the Galilean Moons of Jupiter? Watch amazing pictures from space (courtesy NASA), do yoga, float and dance, romantic ballroom by the stars and planets, cuddle, relax and healing spots, ambient, psy, chillout music.
  15. EDAKent – The SEEDS project

Space regions map 2011 

Recent Space Shuttle videos from Second Life

The real launch was mirrored via a virtual launch at the Kennedy Space Center in Second Life.

Start of the Atlantis spaceshuttle with Live sound from the Livestream

The space shuttle program has now ended in real life.

7 thoughts on “Space exploration places in Second Life 2011

  1. Daniel, thanks for this great post about Space in SL. Very useful and informative. I’m going to reference it at the “Space Today” website and I will place a link to it on my “The Space Place” site in SL.


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