SL web profiles launch & feedback

Linden Lab launched the new SL social web profiles yesterday and now everyone has them to check out. Your new SL web profile will show when you view your profile inworld, as the snapshot below shows. This will work if your using the latest viewer 2.8 and it’s worth checking to ensure the privacy settings are what you want them to be.

  • Feed – latest updates from friends
  • About – shows avatar info in a nice order
  • Picks – shows your favourite locations
  • Groups – shows your groups inworld your apart of
  • Notes – LL have added Notes again (the old viewer 1 notes tab)
On the left hand side you will see these tabs:
  • Home – view your SL timeline feed will be shown here
  • Profile – your sl web-based profile
  • Notifications – comments/recent activity will be shown here
  • Recommendations – friends with common interests will be shown here
  • Settings – edit your profile, privacy, notifications and friends here

Your profile can be edited easily which brings up the settings tab where many interesting options can be found. I like the new SL web profiles than previous ones and it’s a good step in the right direction. There is potential for more new features from Linden Lab in the near future. We will have to wait and see.

Things I love about the new profiles..

  • Facebook, Flickr, Plurk & Twitter integration (nice selection of social identities)
  • Interests section and Notes section is good to have
  • Inworld notifications when someone writes on your wall etc
  • More options and more control
  • Easier editing than before

Here is some recent feedback from the SL community about these new SL web-based profiles and a wishlist .

Positive feedback

  • I think they have some intriguing possibilities
  • I think they’ll be fun
  • I like it
  • So far it looks good. Better than last ones
  • Social profiles on SL look and work great


  • The ‘About’ needs to be the default
  • Don’t see it as a place for chatty conversation though
  • I’m now disappointed that my viewer of choice (Firestorm) doesn’t use web profile
  • The home section doesn’t seem to update my shared posts
  • I’m receiving many friend requests
  • Would prefer ‘Like’ to ‘Love’
Mixed bag of feedback so far and i’m sure LL will be adding more new features/suggestions soon.

7 thoughts on “SL web profiles launch & feedback

  1. I like the new features tho they leave me with two concerns.

    First, these social features really don’t go far enough. I hope in the near future we’ll see updates to land, group and event profiles so that they all work together, bringing people together with in-world content in ways that SL has sorely needed since 2003. LL has a history of introducing products and dropping them before the job is done. I get the impression that LL today is not the same LL that developed this reputation, but they still need to prove that.

    With a few well placed “social features” LL can finally address the long standing SL complaint that “there’s nothing to do in SL!”

    To be fair, they’re quick responses to a few initial issues gives me a lot of hope on this.

    Second, the introduction of these new features makes it all the more painfully obvious that the SL “Friends List” and “friend controls” need to be upgraded.

    For one thing, stop calling it a “Friends List”, LL. Please, for the love of all that is good, stop it! It’s a “Contact List”. Some people in it may be friends, other most certainly are not. We need better ways to organize people in our Contact Lists (I like Google+’s “circles”) and we need fine tuned control over who sees what, who shows up in our feed, etcetera.

    If LL can address all that then they’ll have some very happy customers.


  2. I am very disappointed to see that things with such importance as allowing your contacts to have object edit permissions on your objects is now web based. Security issues aside, this also breaks functionality in 1.x viewers essentially forcing people to switch. So no, Linden Labs is not “restricting” access to 1.x viewers at all, they are just making them “functionally obsolete”.


  3. Yes, absolutely. About must be the default, rather than Feed. Most people open a profile to see a profile, which is About.


  4. If even 10% of the SL population uses this, I will be amazed. It’s not in an obvious place, total strangers see your conversations (friends of friends), and there is no way to communicate with a group while offworld.

    Had they created a webpage and let you log in there for Facebook like access to your wall, this could have some benefit. People inworld and out could leave messages for you, and you could have all offline messages forward to the wall as well/instead of your email. But sticking it where I have to type (oh yes, every noobie knows what this is…) to get to it makes it a non-starter for me. I go to my profile to change data maybe once a year. So don’t think I’m going to be in the habit of hanging out there, hoping someone throws something onto my wall.


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