Using Google+ & Diaspora for SL


Earlier this month I was invited to join Google+ which aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. I like the Google+ user interface, the feed wall and the circles feature. There have been alot of SL buzz this month of Google+ suspending SL avatar accounts that signed up this month. This is not good news at all and many know already Facebook purged SL avatar accounts earlier in the year. Again these are new alternatives to Facebook etc if you want to try something new out.


Today I was invited to join the new Diaspora which is a social network that puts you in control of your information. This looks very similar to Google+ and it’s currently in alpha right now (invite-only). You will need to ask around to receive a invite to sign up. I’m still finding my way around Diaspora and it’s going to take some time to get used to. There have mentions of security problems recently and insecurity apparently.

What are your thoughts of Google+ and Diaspora ? 

7 thoughts on “Using Google+ & Diaspora for SL

  1. Sounds good and a lot of people with avatar account desires are looking for Facebook/googple+ alternatives.
    The problem could be that there will be several options and when everyone joins another social medium, it won’t be very social.
    So we have to wait to see which one will be the biggest option for us avatars before tell all our friends to join it and use it all the time.
    I still use facebook the most and just hope they don’t know im an avatar.

    BTW, will Diaspora and google+ have groups where you can upload pictures, keep track of diaries etc?
    Because that is what we use facebook the most for, a group for our sim where we share stories, event reports, invite people for future events, etc.


  2. First off, I think that anyone from the VR community who is considering moving to Diaspora at this point in time should read Vanish’s TGIB entry on the subject:

    Also, be aware that at least at one point in time anyone could modify anything, so potentially you could set all your settings to private, go to sleep and then wake up to find your page open to the public, your personal info changed and your gallery filled with goat-on-mice porn.

    Bottom line? I don’t think Diaspora is ready for us -not yet, and maybe not ever.


  3. Facebook didn’t suddenly increase the rate at which it was purging SL accounts from FB, as near as I can tell. The purging process has been pretty constant over the last several years.


  4. Diaspora is very different from Facebook and Google+ because *anyone* can have their own Diaspora server, just like anyone can haver their own email server (or rent space on one from someone else). That’s very different from Facebook, say, where the only company that can have a Facebook server is Facebook – and if Facebook kicks you off their servers, there’s no other place you to host a Facebook account.

    (Imagine a world where only one company controlled all the email servers!)

    Also, Diaspora also doesn’t care about real names / pseudonyms / handles — any “name” (called a Diaspora ID) is welcome, so long as it’s not already taken, just like with email. (If you want, then you can have it.)

    (There’s an exact parallel with Second Life and OpenSim servers. SL server code is proprietary so only LL can have SL servers. OpenSim is open source and anyone can set up an OpenSim server and connect it to others.)


  5. @Jo: I would imagine that’s Google+ plan to have groups in the near future. Who knows what they will add soon and if the social network will survive for years. Plurk is my favourite site to find out the latest SL news and feedback quickly. FB & Twitter are the ones I use the most on a daily basis.

    @Han: Thanks for the link about Diaspora. I agree, Google+ is worth going to for now.

    @Tateru: That’s true. TY!

    @Troy: To me at first Diaspora looked like Twitter/FB/Google+ all in one package. Thanks for the information about the servers and service.

    @Gwyneth: Right.

    @Tateru: Oh right.


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