Update on recent SL place closures

As of 15th July 2011:
  • Alien Isle sim closed down in early July 2011
  • Lost Gardens of Apollo closed down on 26th June 2011
  • Antiquity sims will continue
  • Imagine Plus region closed down earlier this year
  • The Minoan Empire region is still active today
  • The Crooked House was saved at the last minute 
  • The SL Globe Theatre & nearby sims still appear to be active today 
  • ElvenMyst region still appears to be active today 
  • Numbakulla region still appears to be active today
  • In October 2011 AM Radio sims will be closing down which will be sad news after running for along time in Second Life. 
Other well known places have also shut down during 2011 including..
  • The Gnubie Store – Early January 2011
  • Space Destiny Island – Late February 2011
  • Imagine Peace sim – Early May 2011

And there’s probably more that have closed down / been saved this year.

5 thoughts on “Update on recent SL place closures

  1. Hey Daniel! Haven’t talked in a while, but you knew me as Prospero Linden back in your Teen Grid days. (I’m Prospero Frobozz in world now.)

    Huge numbers of EDU and related places have closed down and left. I don’t know if you’re familiar with the SciLands; it’s a mini-continent of science education and outreach related places. It’s been around for a few years. If you look at the Map around “Spaceport Alpha” (the international spaceflight museum), you can see it. You may notice that it doesn’t look much like a mini-continent any more… there are lots of gaps. The roughly narrow-triangle-shaped area used to be filled in.


  2. Hey Rob/Prospero.

    Those were good times on TSL during your office hours. I enjoyed coming along and finding out interesting things about the grid.

    I have heard of SciLands and I went there a few years ago. It’s really cool along with the NASA/Space sims surrounding the sim.

    There have been so many places/sims closing this year so far. But there are places starting up all the time which is good news at least. But LL should lower the land prices etc and perhaps then things won’t go away forever. Thats what I hope happens in the near future!


  3. A good place to get a sense of all sims coming and going from SL is the regular reports by Tyche Shepherd of gridsurvey.com — Tyche posts those reports on the SLUniverse forums. There’s often a link to a recent survey on the gridsurvey.com home page.


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