Nya Linden announces timetable for inworld Search engine

Nya Linden who is apart of the Search Dev Team at the lab has announced this week on the SL Forums the timetable of changes coming soon for the back-end Search engine, starting on 27th July 2011.

Search Back-end Engine Update 

On July 27th, Search will be moving all web-based searching to the updated backend engine that has been in use in the ongoing Search beta.  Any viewers or clients that point to http://search.secondlife.com will begin receiving results from the new system. The functionality will remain the same, however the results rankings will be different, as the new backend has updated algorithms for relevance.

Change details:

  1. Viewer 1 – All and Groups tabs will be moved to the new backend search engine.  They will look the same, but the results will be ranked differently. Other tabs will not be affected.
  2. Viewer 2 – Search will be moved to the new beta Search UI and backend in all versions of Viewer 2
  3. Web searches will be moved to the new backend search engine – including Classifieds, Events, and Groups.
  4. Any products using http://search.secondlife.com will begin receiving results from from the new backend.
  5. The http://search-beta.secondlife.com url will still be live, and will be running the same version as search.secondlife.com for now.
Check out Darrius Gothly blog post for more details about the announcement here. Good read!

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